The Fall of Communism: 'Like Dominoes'
Despite increased prosperity, nostalgia for old times remains in the former Eastern Bloc.
20 Years Ago: Berlin Wall Torn Down
The Berlin Wall stood as a symbol of Soviet oppression for decades.
Parts of Berlin Wall Scattered Around the World
Twenty years after it fell, fragments of the wall are held in homes and parks.
Germany's Love Affair With Hasselhoff
The Hoff performs at the Brandenburg Gate, after the Berlin Wall came down.
Nov. 10, 1989: Fall of the Berlin Wall
"World News": Peter Jennings reports live from Berlin.
1989: The Fall of the Berlin Wall
"World News": United Germany is the new reality in the Communist bloc.
Nov. 10, 1989: A Crack in the Berlin Wall
"Nightline": After 44 years of a divided Germany, Berliners are reunited.
Nov. 10, 1989: The Berlin Wall Falls
Special Report: West Germany's chancellor speaks to the people of Berlin.
Nov. 9, 1989: The Berlin Wall Falls
Special Report: Peter Jennings delivers "astonishing news" out of Germany.
'Tear Down This Wall'
11.9.1989: The concrete and steel scar between East and West Berlin comes down.