US Officials Ask How ISIS Got So Many Toyota Trucks
Scores of Toyota pickups seen in terror videos to dismay of Iraqi officials.
Former Top UN Official Accused in Chinese Bribery Investigation
Six people arrested, linked to Chinese businessman bearing millions in cash.
Afghanis Requested US Strike That Hit Hospital, Gen. Says
Top commander says U.S. forces were not being threatened.
ISIS Destroys Another Ancient Landmark
An arch in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra is the latest casualty.
Debris Field Found in Search for Missing US Cargo Ship
The cargo ship was carrying 28 U.S. citizens.
Nurse Details Chilling Moments After Hospital Airstrike
"There are no words for how terrible it was," a nurse wrote.
Doctors Without Borders Demands Independent Airstrike Investigation
Children and staff members were among those killed.
US Probes Airstrike That Hit Doctors Without Borders Hospital
Doctors WIthout Borders demands full investigation.
28 Americans Aboard Ship Missing in Hurricane Joaquin
The U.S. cargo ship left Florida for Puerto Rico earlier this week.
Joaquin Hammers Bahamas as It Heads North
The Category 4 storm's impact on the U.S. East Coast remains unclear.
A Year on, Mixed Views on What Hong Kong Protests Achieved
A year later, mixed views from Hong Kong protesters on what 'Umbrella Movement' achieved
Dictator's Son Says Filipinos Care Less About Marcos Abuses
Dictator Marcos' son says human rights violations no longer a concern for Filipinos
Germany and France Try to Turn Tide of European Skepticism
Leaders of Germany and France try to turn back tide of skepticism toward European project
Turkey Calls on Russia to Respect Its Borders
Turkish PM calls on Russia to respect its borders; says Russian airstrikes strengthen IS
VW CEO: Recall of Cars Hit by Scandal to Begin in January
Volkswagen CEO: recall of vehicles affected by emissions scandal should begin in January
Fighting Erupts in Central Syria Amid Russian Airstrikes
Syrian troops battle insurgents as Russian warplanes strike in central Syria, activists say
4 Arrested in Connection With Sydney Police Worker's Killing
4 arrested in connection with terror-linked slaying of Sydney police worker
Carter Sounds Nearly Ready to Open Combat Jobs to Women
Carter: Limiting search for military candidates to half population would be 'crazy'
The Latest: EU Sends 6 Ships to Chase Smugglers, Traffickers
The Latest: EU Med efforts enter new phase, chasing smugglers, traffickers of migrants
Afghan Official: Troops Hold Kunduz Square, Calm Returns
Afghan official: Army tanks, national flag in Kunduz main square, calm returns
Snowden Says He Offered to Go to Prison to Return to US
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden says he hasn't received a formal plea deal for returning to the...
Afghan Forces Requested US Airstrike That Hit Kunduz Hospital
Gen. John Campbell said the airstrike that hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Kunduz followed a request by Afghan...
Benjamin Netanyahu Stares Down the UNGA
The Prime Minister of Israel stated "Now you see why Israel does not join you in celebrating this deal."
Residents in England Evacuated Due to Massive Sinkhole
Residents were evacuated overnight in St. Albans, north of London, after a 32-foot deep and 66-foot wide sinkhole appeared in...
The Battle to Retake Afghan City of Kunduz From Taliban
The U.S. military has launched airstrikes to back Afghan forces fighting to retake control of one of Afghanistan's largest...
WN 10/06/15: Ben Carson Answers Questions on Gun Violence
Washington State High School football player dies; factory worker in Michigan wins $310 million lottery.
Nightline 10/05/15: Oregon Student Said She Played Dead to Survive College Shooting
What's Next for Lady Antebellum After the End of Their Tour; Baseball Fans Worry Over Supposed Taylor Swift 'Curse'
GMA 10/05/15: Airstrike Considered 'War Crime' By Doctors Without Borders
Deadly Flooding Hits the East Coast; Hillary Clinton Shows Different Side on 'Saturday Night Live'
This Week 10/04/15: Donald Trump Interview Addresses a Range of Issues
Guests: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Bai, Tom Cole, Keith Ellison
20/20 10/02/2015: Secrets of the Sell
'Shark Tank' Shark Kevin O'Leary Names His Top 5 Sales Techniques; What You Might Not Know About the Business of Mark Kay