2 Killed in Clashes Over Demolition of Arab Bedouin Village in Israel
Israeli police and villagers offered contrasting views of a deadly incident.
Scores of Iran Firefighters Battle Blaze in Tehran Building
Scores of Iranian firefighters battle blaze at iconic building in Tehran housing major shopping center
Watchdog Urges Pakistan to Free 2 Convicted Journalists
Committee to Protect Journalists urges Pakistan to free 2 reporters convicted on defamation charges
At Least 24 Children Killed When Bus, Truck Collide in India
Police say at least 24 young children were killed after a school bus collided with a truck loaded with sand in northern India
Court Denies a Request to Arrest Samsung's De Facto Head
A Seoul court says it has denied a request to arrest Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong, a setback to prosecutors...
Philippines, Communist Rebels Resume Peace Talks in Rome
Philippine negotiators and communist guerrillas are set to resume peace talks in Rome, with the Maoist insurgents warning...
Malaysian PM Urges Muslim World to Help Oppressed Rohingya
Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has urged the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to help end the persecution of...
Report: 2 Men Imprisoned Over UAE Beach Bar Attack Plot
UAE newspaper says an Emirati, Palestinian sentenced to prison for planning attack on beach bar
Mideast Expects Big Changes Under Trump
Trump's all-but-dismissal of human rights as foreign policy principle could profoundly shake troubled Mideast landscape
From IS to Government Control, Syrians Left With Few Choices
As attacks on IS areas in Syria increase, thousands of civilians flee, many opting to go to government-held territory
Leader of Australia's Most Populous State Quits
The leader of Australia's most populous state has announced his shock resignation from politics after his popularity...
World's Oldest Panda Celebrates Birthday
Giant panda Basi celebrated her 37th birthday, making her the world's oldest of her kind living in captivity. Panda fans the...
Earthquake Strikes Italy, Tremors Felt in Rome
A 5.3-magnitude earthquake struck central Italy on Wednesday morning, a representative from the Civil Protection Department...
Massive Mudslides in Lima, Peru
Heavy rainfall led to mudslides, hitting homes and burying cars in Lima.
6 Unsolved Aviation Mysteries
From Amelia Earhart to Dan Cooper, these are six of the most prominent aviation mysteries in history.
British Royals Want to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Challenges
Prince William and Princess Kate discussed their charity's upcoming plans for the year.
Indonesian Volcano Erupts
Volcano in western Indonesia unleashes hot clouds of ash, blasting volcanic ash over a mile into the air.
Athletes, Fans Flee As Roof of Sports Arena Collapses
Construction of the brand new arena in the Czech Republic was completed earlier this month.
Cargo Plane Crashes in Kyrgyzstan, Killing 33
The plane went down near the capital of Bishkek.
Shooting Reported at EDM Festival in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Shots rang out inside a crowded club during the BPM Festival in Mexico.
Company Denies Inflatable Rooster Meant to Look Like Trump
The owners of a factory in eastern China denied that their giant inflatable roosters sold online resemble the U.S....
World News 01/18/17: George H. W. Bush Has Been Hospitalized and Being Treated for Shortness of Breath
Down to the Wire as Donald Trump Prepares for a Contentious Inauguration; Obama Family Set to Leave the White House
GMA 01/15/17: John Lewis Questions Legitimacy of Donald Trump's Presidency
Ringling Brothers Circus Announces It Is Closing Down; Johnny Depp Files Suit Against Former Business Managers
This Week 01/15/17: United States Prepares for Donald Trump's Inauguration
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Reince Priebus, Norman Eisen, Richard Painter, Jason Chaffetz, Cornell Belcher, Sara Fagen, Jonathan...