Protesters Scale Roof on Buckingham Palace Grounds
The Queen and Prince Philip were not at the palace today.
Pope Francis Greeted by Cheering Crowd of 150,000 in Uganda
The pope offered a message of hope and prayer.
Man's Fight With a Spider Ends With Police at His Door
Neighbors said they heard a man screaming, "I'm going to kill you, die, die."
Nairobi Schoolchildren Dance for Pope Francis
Catholic school kids filled Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi to see Pope Francis.
Russia Threatens Economic Sanctions Against Turkey
It could cost both countries hundreds of millions of dollars.
Two Men Arrested in Berlin for Alleged Terror Plot Released
Police evacuated nearby buildings while looking for explosives.
Debris from US Rocket Discovered Off British Coast
Officials think they've found debris of a spacecraft that exploded in June.
Terror Suspect's Family Insists He Didn't Help Paris Attackers
Family of Mohamed Abrini insisted he was innocent.
Russia Ready to Join France in Fight Against Terror, Putin Says
The French president has held a host of major meetings this week.
Steel Factory Gas Leak Kills 10, Injures 7 in Eastern China
10 dead and 7 hospitalized in gas leak at steel factory in eastern China
Malaysian Pleads Guilty to Indecent Assault in New Zealand
Malaysian military officer pleads guilty to indecent assault in New Zealand diplomatic case
Japan Leaders in SOS to Cash Cow Companies as Recovery Lags
Japan's top central banker, leaders appeal for corporate help in boosting economy
With Peace Near, Debates Grows Over Colombia's Draft
With peace close, debates grows in Colombia's military draft, which falls mainly on poor
AP PHOTOS: Brazil Mine Disaster Leaves Swath of Destruction
AP PHOTOS: Brazil mine disaster leaves destruction, ghost towns and devastated wildlife
AP PHOTOS: Editor Selections From Latin America
AP PHOTOS: A selection of our favorite images from Latin America and the Caribbean
Japan Whaling Fleet Set to Leave for Antarctic
Japan says whaling fleet to depart Dec. 1 on revised Antarctic hunt
At Least 6 Killed in Fight Among Inmates at Guatemala Prison
At least 6 6 killed in fight among inmates at overcrowded prison in Guatemala, authorities say
Greek PM Tsipras Takes on Turkey's Davutoglu on Twitter
Greek PM Tsipras needles Turkish counterpart Davutoglu on Twitter, deletes English version
Obama's First Stop in Paris Is Saddest of Destinations
Obama's first stop in Paris is saddest of destinations, leads silent tribute at Bataclan
Pope Francis Visits Uganda
Huge, celebratory crowds greeted the pontiff Saturday in Uganda.
Family of Terror Suspect Insists He Didn't Help Paris Attackers
The family of wanted Belgian terror suspect Mohamed Abrini insisted he was innocent of helping the Paris attackers in an...
Pope Francis Greeted by Conga Lines, Hip Shaking in Nairobi
Thousands of excited Catholic school kids filled Kasarani Stadium in Kenya's capital city.
Debris from US Rocket Discovered Off British Coast
A large chunk of an American space rocket, likely from the ill-fated SpaceX Falcon 9, has been found off the coast of...
Pope Francis Holds Open Air Mass in Nairobi
The pope mentioned the threat of terrorism in his remarks.
Aboard Pope Francis' First Flight to Africa
Amid safety concerns, Pope Francis traveled to Kenya for the first leg of his African tour.
Belgium Warns of Attack With 'Heavy Weapons' and 'Suicide Bombs'
Belgium's foreign minister tells ABC News that the country's primary concern right now is to find about 10 individuals whom...
Deck the Windows Along New York's Fifth Avenue
ABC News' Charli James shows us some of New York's most iconic holiday windows.
Surprise Snowstorm Turns Beijing Into Winter Wonderland
A rare, early snowstorm blanketed the Chinese capital this weekend.
Neighbor's Message to Alleged Paris Attacker: Go See Your Mom!
Salah Abdeslam's long time neighbor pleads for him to come home.
WN 11/29/15: Police Investigate Motive in the Planned Parenthood Shooting
Pope Francis Visits One of Africa's Most Dangerous Areas; 14 Deaths Blamed on the Weather in Just Four Days
GMA 11/28/15: Shooting in Colorado Springs Leaves 3 Dead
Ice and Flash Floods Hit the South; Military Family Reunited With "Guardian Angels."
20/20 11/27/15: Mystery in the Maternity Room
Mom Reunites With Daughter She Thought Was Dead For Nearly 50 Years; Mom Insists She Never Abandoned Her Baby at St. Louis...
Nightline 11/27/15: Escape Artist Describes Water Stunt Gone Wrong
How One Kings Lane Can Help You Live in Luxury for Less; How This Man and His Man Bun Became a Social Media Celebrity
This Week 11/15/15: Donald Trump on 2016 Presidential Race
Guests: Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Martin O'Malley, and David Alexrod