Widespread Search for NJ Student Missing in Israel
Aaron Sofer went missing while hiking with a friend.
Germany Plans to Tighten EU Migration Rules
Germany planning to tighten migration rules for EU citizens, cutting down on welfare abuse
North Korea Calls US 'Graveyard of Human Rights'
North Korea calls US 'graveyard of human rights' over shooting of unarmed black in Ferguson
Israeli Army Officer Wounded by Fire From Syria
Israeli army officer moderately wounded by errant fire from civil war in neighboring Syria
Annual Tomato Battle Leaves Spanish Town Red
Spanish town drenched in red pulp as thousands take part in annual 'Tomatina' tomato battle
Finland, Sweden Increase Ties to NATO
Finland, Sweden increase cooperation with NATO in shadow of Ukraine crisis
Pakistan Minister Urges Opposition to Ease Demands
Pakistani minister urges opposition leaders to back off their demand for PM's resignation
Global Trash Burning More Polluting Than Expected
Study shows global garbage burning is polluting skies with emissions beyond official tallies
Australia and Indonesia Mending Intel Differences
Australia and Indonesia reach new intelligence agreement, even if it was hard to pick a name
UN Panel: Crimes Against Humanity Spread in Syria
UN panel: Crimes against humanity spread in Syria with attacks by government, Islamic fighters
West Africans Get Creative With Ebola Awareness
Songs, sketches and a new take on the ice bucket challenge raise Ebola awareness in W. Africa
Day in Pictures: 8/26/14
Images from across the globe: Deadly Car Bomb In Baghdad, Palestinians Displaced, Ukrainian Volunteers Get Deployed, Napa...
What It's Like in the Shadow of the Icelandic Volcano Amid Eruption Fears
Bob Woodruff is outside the Bardarbunga volcano, where fears raised after it had been shaken by earthquakes.
ISIS Claims To Have A Surveillance Drone in New Video
Extremist group shows latest addition to its arsenal as White House officials neither confirm nor deny reports of U.S....
On the Frontlines of the Ebola Outbreak in Liberia
ABC's Dr. Richard Besser on the lack of resources to treat Ebola in West Africa.
Zoo President Discusses Dramatic Koala Rescue
Columbus Zoo's Tom Stalf offers his take on the CPR rescue of "Sir Chompsalot."
What's Next for US in Fight Against ISIS?
US officials are on high alert over a possible "lone wolf" attack in retaliation for airstrikes against ISIS.
US Considers More Airstrikes Against ISIS
ABC News' Ron Claiborne reports the latest on the Americans held by ISIS.
Sole Survivor of ISIS Militant Attack Recounts Horror From Hospital Bed
Man discusses what happened to his family and fellow villagers the day ISIS took control of his village.
Riots Break Out in West Point, Liberia, Over Ebola Holding Center
Violence struck one of the African capital's poorest areas after anger over a recently installed Ebola center.
Chemical Attack Survivor Haunted by Memories a Year Later
On the anniversary of chemical attacks in Syria, one survivor tells ABC News he cannot get the horrific images from that day...
Nightline 8/26: Undercover Investigation: Tracking Down Sandy-Damaged Cars for Sale
US Open: Inside the Glamorous Side of High-Stakes Tennis; Miley Cyrus' Mystery Man Wanted by Police
2020 8/26: You Don't Want to Fly on a Plane With These Passengers
The Dark Side of Checking in Baggage Before a Flight; Authorities Discover Boy's Hotel Room Killer
WN 8/26: CDC Warning About Ebola Outbreak in Africa
U.S. sending surveillance planes over Syria; Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" voted best guitar riff.
GMA 8/26: Third Hostage, American Woman, Threatened By ISIS
Gas Prices Could Remain Low for Late Summer Trips; Student Disappears on Way Back to University of Montana
This Week 8/24: What's Next in the Battle With ISIS?
Guests: Gen. John Allen, Michael McCaul, David Plouffe, Bill Kristol, Donna Edwards, Peggy Noonan