5 International Stories You'll Care About Next Week
President Obama visits Wales, Air Guitar World Championships final held.
Computer Hitch Causes Flight Delays at Spain Hub
Computer hitch in air traffic control system causes major delays at Spain's busiest airport
Egypt Court Gives 8 Islamists Life Sentences
Egypt court sentences Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader, 7 others to life in prison
Obama's Delicate Balance: Taking on ISIS While Keeping Assad at Bay
Analysts: Aleppo would be most effective place for the U.S. to strike ISIS.
Housing Group: 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza
International group says Gaza housing reconstruction to take 20 years
Ukrainian Civilian Plane Crashes in Algeria
Ukrainian plane crashes in mountains of southern Algeria, 3 bodies found
Somalia Launches Offensive Against Extremists
Somalia launches offensive against Islamic extremists in country's south
Syrian Rebels Attack Peacekeepers in Golan Heights
Syrian rebels holding 44 Fijian peacekeepers hostage attack Philippine troops in Golan Heights
Housing Group Says 20 Years to Rebuild Gaza
International group says Gaza housing reconstruction to take 20 years
EU Set to Slap New Sanctions on Russia
EU leaders set to decide new Russia sanctions as Ukrainian President Poroshenko seeks support
EU Leaders to Pick New Foreign Policy Chief
Summit of EU leaders set to pick the bloc's new foreign policy chief, other top jobs
Airlines Considering Detour Options Around Erupting Volcanoes
One Volcano is erupting in New Guinea while the other is in Iceland.
Britain Ups Terror Threat Level from 'Substantial' to 'Severe'
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest tries to clarify president's "strategy" comment on ISIS.
NATO Slams Russia Over Interference In Eastern Ukraine
Ukrainian Prime Minister signals request to join NATO, which is unlikely to be accepted.
Before Leaving Liberia, Dr. Besser Must Pass Airport Health Screenings
ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser experiences new health screenings seeking to contain the largest Ebola outbreak in history.
Britain Raises Terror Threat Level to 'Severe'
British Prime Minister David Cameron calls ISIS a "deeper threat to our security than we have known before."
President Obama Delivers Remarks on International Crises
Obama touches on matters such as ISIS, Syria and Ukraine.
Russian Tanks Are Now in Ukraine, NATO Says
Video footage released by the Ukrainian government claims to show a Russian tank in a city in southeast Ukraine.
Ukraine Rebels Say Russians Fighting Side-by-Side with Them
The prime minister of Ukraine calls it “a Russian invasion.”
3,000+ Ebola Cases Confirmed in West Africa Across 4 Countries
The World Health Organization says there has been a 40 percent increase of cases in just three weeks.
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