North Korea Missile Launch 'Strongly Condemned' by U.N. Security Council
North Korea could face tough, new sanctions from the U.N. as early as next week.
UN Condemns NKorea Launch, Pledges Significant New Sanctions
The U.N. Security Council strongly condemns North Korea's launch of a long-range rocket that world leaders denounce as a...
2 Killed, 8 Injured in Fire on Mexico Offshore Oil Platform
Mexico's state oil company says a fire that erupted on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico killed two workers and injured...
The Latest: South Korea Warns NKorea Patrol Boat
South Korea's Defense Ministry says a North Korean patrol boat moved south of the countries' disputed boundary line in the...
Death Toll From Taiwan Quake Hits 34, Hunt on for Survivors
The death toll from a powerful earthquake that toppled a high-rise apartment building in Taiwan rose to at least 34,...
Somalia Spokesman: Video Shows Laptop Handed to Bomb Suspect
A Somalia government spokesman says that CCTV video footage at Mogadishu airport shows two men handing what looks like a...
Divisive Polish Party Leader Kaczynski Pulls the Strings
Poland's most powerful politician isn't the president or the prime minister, but the head of the ruling party
Erdogan: US Should Choose Between Turkey, Kurdish Forces
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has lashed out at the United States a week after a President Barack Obama's envoy...
Haiti's President Departs to Make Way for Interim Government
President Michel Martelly has made his farewell address to Haiti as he leaves office with no leader yet chosen to fill the...
Turkey: Reaching Limits but Will Keep Taking in Refugees
Turkey says it has reached the end of its "capacity to absorb" refugees but will continue taking them in, as it faces...
German Police Search Homes of Suspected Extremists
German police searched the homes of two men suspected of being part of an extremist organization, prosecutors said Sunday
Eye-Catching Footage Shows Volcano Eruption in Japan
Lightning-like flashes were captured during the eruption on Japan's southern island of Kyushu.
Astronauts Train for Crash Landing in Remote, Winter Environment
The team of men -- American, Russian and Japanese -- remind us how much international cooperation can accomplish.
A Madaya School Is Shelled
A Madaya student asks for stationery before a shell lands in her school. ABC News cannot independently verify this video. It...
Video Captures Close Call Involving Lightning in Australia
Two men narrowly avoided a lightning strike while filming a thunderstorm in Sydney's Oyster Bay.
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An encounter in traffic during a driving lesson leads to a shootout and the death of Tammy Meyers.