Haiti 6 Months On: Where Has the Money Gone?
Americans have donated over $1 billion to Haiti since the January earthquake.
UNICEF's Haiti Relief Efforts
UNICEF in Haiti is responding to a true children's emergency.
American Survived 50 Hours Under Rubble
Rick Santos and colleagues were trapped under remains of Haitian hotel.
Haiti: 6 Months Later
David Muir revisits the country to see what changed and what hasn't.
Rescues Continue Days After Quake
Survivors are still being found in the rubble, including a two-month-old baby.
Secretary Clinton Pledges Support
Hillary Clinton promises the international community will stay with Haiti.
Roundtable: Haiti, Health Care, Mass.
George Will, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Tucker Carlson, Donna Brazile.
Haiti Now: The Aftermath
ABC's Martha Raddatz reports on the current situation in Haiti.
Doctors Run Makeshift Hospital From Home
Haitian couple treats hundreds with scant supplies from sutures to super glue.
Slow Pace of Aid in Haiti
Aid workers encounter challenges on journey to distribute food to survivors.
Three Presidents Band Together for Haiti
Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush talk about aid for Haiti.
Medical Help Heads to Haiti
Floating military hospital USNS Comfort departs Baltimore for Haiti's shores.
A Tale of Two Rescues in Haiti
While some survivors recover, others pulled from the rubble die from injuries.
Survivors: Starving for Resources
Part 1 of the 20/20 special "Earthquake Haiti: Race to Save a Country."
Fight to Save Haiti's Children
Part 3 of the 20/20 special "Earthquake Haiti: Race to Save a Country."
Haiti Earthquake: The Warning Signs
Part 6 of the 20/20 special "Earthquake Haiti: Race to Save a Country."
Haiti's Forgotten Children
Part 4 of the 20/20 special "Earthquake Haiti: Race to Save a Country."
Haiti's Orphans in the Crisis
A look at the young parentless population of Haiti, and how they are surviving.
Americans Searching for Family in Haiti
Thousands of American families are desperate to hear news of loved ones.
Robin Roberts Finds Couple's Adopted Girl
Iowa couple learns 4-year-old adopted daughter survived the earthquake.
Missionaries Return Home From Haiti
Tearful reunion in Hackettstown, N.J., as 16-member team arrives safely.
Former Presidents Aid Haitian Relief Effort
Former Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush help coordinate recovery efforts.
Hillary Clinton on Haiti
The secretary of state is managing relief efforts in the devastated nation.