1,457 Believed Dead After Massive Earthquake Strikes Nepal
The earthquake struck near Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.
Watch the Exact Moment Chile's Calbuco Volcano Erupted
The video was captured by a hiker in Llanquihue National Reserve.
Holocaust Survivor and Former Nazi Guard Hug at His Trial
Eva Kor described the meeting as "two old people reaching out."
Angelina Jolie Rips United Nations for Inaction in Syria
The special U.N. envoy issued a fierce rebuke of international efforts.
Meet Dusty, the Pet Kangaroo Who Thinks He's a Dog
Dusty was rescued from his mom's pouch after she was hit by a car.
Inside a Ghost Town as Volcanic Ash Rains Down
About 4,000 residents in nearby towns were forced to evacuate.
This American in Britain the Envy of Social Media
Caroline Calloway intent on "brightening" people's day with jokes, stories.
Extremists Sought in Possible Plot Against the Vatican
Nine suspects were detained, with additional warrants issued.
Weinstein Family Blasts U.S. Government Over Al Qaeda Hostage Crisis
Official: Warren Weinstein, another hostage killed in CIA drone strike.
Burundi President Nominated by Ruling Party for Third Term
Defying critics, Burundi's ruling party nominates president for a third term
Gunmen Kill Prominent Female Activist in Pakistan
Gunmen kill well-known activist in Pakistan after she hosted event about restive Baluchistan
Powerful Earthquake Strikes Nepal: Things to Know
Powerful earthquake strikes Nepal, wider region: Things to know as casualties rise
VW Board Chairman Piech Resigns After Dispute Over CEO
Volkswagen board chairman Piech resigns following clash over CEO Winterkorn
Nepal Police Say at Least 1,130 Dead in Massive Earthquake Centered Outside of Kathmandu
Nepal police say at least 1,130 dead in massive earthquake centered outside of Kathmandu
10 Dead, More Missing in Quake-Triggered Everest Avalanche
10 dead as quake-triggered avalanche sweeps Mount Everest in Nepal; unknown number missing
Starbucks Stores Reopen Saturday After Computer Glitch
Starbucks stores back in business Saturday after computer glitch forced thousands to close
Aden Hit by Coalition Airstrikes Amid Fierce Street Battles
Yemeni port city Aden hit by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes amid fierce street battles
Indiana School Stage Collapses; Chile Calbuco Volcano Erupts; Hubble Telescope Turns 25
Indiana high school stage collapses while students perform; Chile volcano: Calbuco erupts for first time in decades; Hubble...
Terror Cell Busted in Italy, Allegedly Planned to Attack the Vatican
Alleged Al Qaeda-linked militants had been under surveillance for years.
Family of Michael Brown Files Civil Suit; Two Hostages Killed In Counter Terror Operation; Loretta Lynch Confirmed as Attorney General
Family of Michael Brown files civil suit against Ferguson; Two hostages killed in counter terror operation; Loretta Lynch...
Mysterious 'Samurai Ghost' Boots Appear in Vacation Photo
A mysterious pair of boots is visible in a photograph of Martin Springall's 4-year-old daughter on a beach in Zushi, Japan....
American Humanitarian Leads Rescue Operation for Refugees in the Mediterranean
Chris Catrambone operates an aid ship, leading rescue operations to assist refugees crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
What You Need To Know About Yemen In 95 Seconds
Nearly 1000 people are estimated to have been killed in Yemen over the past month, and the conflict may be far from over.
Paris Church Attack Foiled; Baltimore Protests Death of Freddie Gray; Michelle Obama hosts Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day
Plot to attack Paris churches foiled; Death of Freddie Gray sparks protests in Baltimore; Michelle Obama hosts children at...
Nightline 04/24/15: Bruce Jenner, In His Own Words
Bruce Jenner Shares New Reality With Family; Bruce Jenner Interview Fuels Explosive Social Media Reaction
Bruce Jenner - The Interview
Bruce Jenner shares an exclusive and wide-ranging conversation with Diane Sawyer.
WN 04/24/15: Protesters Claim Freddy Grey Victim of Baltimore 'Rough Ride'
Warren Weinstein's Wife: US Government Was 'Inconsistent and Disappointing'; Preview of Diane Sawyer's Interview With Bruce...
GMA 04/24/15: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' Cast Takes Over Times Square
Warren Weinstein's Family: US Government Was 'Inconsistent, Disappointing'; Bruce Jenner: '2015 Is Going to Be Quite a Ride'
This Week 04/19/15: GOP Candidates Address Hillary Clinton's Campaign
Guests: Claire McCaskill, Mike McCaul, Ana Navarro, Cokie Roberts, Matt Dowd, LZ Granderson
Nepal Earthquake Kills Hundreds, Crumbles Centuries-Old Temples
The earthquake struck near Kathmandu, Nepal's capital.