On Camera: Gunman Takes Over TV Station, Surrenders to Police
Dutch news outlet NOS posts video of man in suit pacing with pistol.
7 Dead in Blast at Mexico Children's Hospital
Mexico City mayor says 30 percent of hospital has collapsed.
UK's Biggest Controversy Today Is Over Fake Dinosaur
London's Natural History Museum to replace "Dippy" with a blue whale.
Russian ???Spy??? Arrested in NYC Denies Charges, Report Says
FBI says Evgeny Buryakov was secret agent posing as Manhattan banker.
'Sunset' Deadline Passes for ISIS Prisoner Swap
Terror group says it would kill Jordanian if al Qaeda prisoner wasn't freed.
Co-Pilot Was Flying AirAsia Plane at Time of Crash
The captain was serving in a monitoring role, Indonesian officials said.
Malaysia Officially Declares Vanished Plane an Accident
The declaration will allow efforts to proceed with compensation claims.
ISIS Appears to Arrange Prisoner Swap in New Hostage Recording
ISIS-linked Twitter accounts spread message purportedly from Japanese captive.
Adult ISIS Fighter in Child Executioner Video Killed, Official Says
Man watched as young boy appeared to murder two men in chilling video.
New Saudi King Reshuffles Cabinet
New Saudi king reshuffles cabinet a week after assuming throne
Families Plead for Lives of IS Hostages as Swap Hopes Fade
Jordanian, Japanese families of Islamic State hostages plead for their lives as swap hopes dim
Simultaneous Attacks in Egypt's Sinai Kill 25
Simultaneous attacks on security forces in 3 towns in Egypt's Sinai kill 25
Gunman Who Stormed Dutch Broadcaster Claimed to Be Hacker
Gunman who stormed Dutch broadcaster's studio claimed to be from 'hackers' collective'
Angry Youths Stone Nigerian Leader's Convoy; Police Fire Gas
Youths angry at failure to fight Islamic uprising stone Nigerian president's convoy in Jalingo
Brazil: Petrobras Case Had $800M in Kickbacks Found So Far
Brazil prosecutors say they've found $800 million in kickbacks in Petrobras scandal
NOS Reporter: Gunman Who Stormed Studio Claimed to Be From a 'Hackers' Collective'
NOS reporter: Gunman who stormed studio claimed to be from a 'hackers' collective'
Egypt State TV: Toll Rises to 20 Killed, 36 Wounded in Simultaneous Sinai Attacks
Egypt state TV: Toll rises to 20 killed, 36 wounded in simultaneous Sinai attacks
Guantanamo Trial for 9/11 Accused May Lose 1 of 5 Defendants
Judge may drop 1 of 5 defendants from 9/11 case at Guantanamo to avoid further delay
Britons Say Don't Take Dippy the Fake Dino
Fans of the diplodocus skeleton cast turned to social media to protest the planned removal of the beloved dinosaur from the...
Massive Explosion Outside a Children's Hospital in Mexico City
Officials say Gas Truck Blew-up, at least 2 people are dead and dozens more injured.
Weather Change Shifts Balloon Pilots' Record-Breaking Flight Plan
Coupled by fatigue and a change in wind patterns, mission control details a new flight path for the Two Eagles team.
ISIS Deadline for Prisoner Swap Passes
Jordan claims it hasn't received proof its pilot is still alive.
Deadly Explosion Collapses Children's Hospital in Mexico
A gas truck explosion collapsed part of a children's hospital in Mexico City, killing at least 7, including 4 children.
Kenji Goto's Friend Fears for Life of Japanese ISIS Hostage
Toshi Maeda calls his friend and colleague Kenji Goto a brave journalist who felt a responsibility to give voice to the...
Day In Pictures 1.28.15
Israeli Soldiers Patrol Border After Hezbollah Attack, Boston Digs Out of Massive Blizzard, Monet Arrives At Sotheby's...
ISIS Makes New Demands; Loretta Lynch Confirmation Hearing; Apple Historic Earnings
ISIS makes new demands for prisoner swap; Loretta Lynch confirmation hearing for US Attorney General; Historic earnings for...
Deadly Strike on Israeli Army
Hezbollah claimed responsibility for a strike that killed two Israeli soldiers and a U.N. soldier, and wounded seven people.
Jordan Ready to Do Hostage Exchange
Jordanian pilot could be swapped for Iraqi prisoner, but no mention of Japanese hostage.
WN 1/28: 'Deflate-Gate' Takes Focus Off Super Bowl
Feds investigate 95 colleges for sexual assault; "Ghostbusters" has all female cast.
Nightline 1/28: Kristin Cavallari Sharing Husband Texts Launches Mr. Mom Discussion
Scientology Church Denies Film's Controversial Claims; GoDaddy Pulls Super Bowl Puppy Ad After Backlash
GMA 1/28: Jordan Signals Potential ISIS Prisoner Swap
Vanderbilt Football Players Convicted in Sexual Assault Case; Tony Goldwyn on 'Scandal' Mid-Season Premiere
WN 1/27: 2015 Blizzard Hits New England Hard
ISIS hostage pleads for prisoner swap; 70th anniversary of Auschwitz commemorated.
This Week 1/25: Republicans Look Ahead To 2016 Election
Guests: Denis McDonough, Bobby Jindal, Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, Sara Fagen, Cokie Roberts
2020 1/24: Teen Goes Missing After Meeting With Girlfriend's Ex
College Student Charged With Friend's Murder, Kidnapping; Girl Testifies At Ex's Trial For Murdering Her New Love
Kurdish Forces Recapture Syrian Town Kobane
The town was captured by IS forces in 2014.