Syrian Couple Takes Wedding Photos Amid Ruins of Fallen City
Their photographer wanted "to show that life is stronger than death.”
The Latest: MSF Says 23,000 Flee Aleppo
Doctors Without Borders says some 23,000 new arrivals flleeing fighting in Aleppo need of emergency shelter and support near...
Iraqi Government Says It Fully Recaptured Ramadi From IS
Iraqi forces, US-led coalition say government has regained full control of Ramadi from IS
2nd Outside Report Says Mexico Students Not Burned at Dump
A group of Argentine forensic experts says it has determined there's no biological or physical evidence to conclude that 43...
South Africa to Prosecute 4 Apartheid-Era Cops for Murder
South Africa to prosecute 4 former police for the murder of a young anti-apartheid activist who disappeared more than 30...
Brazil Governor Wants Environmental Fund to Pay Pensions
The governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro wants to use money earmarked for an environmental fund to cover civil servant...
Hoarding, Fuel Shortages Seen as Syrian Troops Near Aleppo
As government troops close in on Aleppo, some residents are preparing to flee Syria's largest city while others are hoarding...
US Army Study: Iraq's Mosul Dam at 'Higher Risk' of Failure
Iraq's Mosul Dam has long been branded the world's most dangerous dam, at risk of collapsing and sending water crashing over...
Train Crash in Germany Kills at Least 10, Injures 80
Crews using helicopters and boats rescue dozens of people from the wreckage of two German commuter trains that crashed...
IS Car Bomb in Syrian Capital Kills 10
A suicide car bomber dispatched by the Islamic State group has struck near a police officers' club in Damascus, killing at...
Hoarding in Syria's Largest City as Government Advances
As government troops close in on Aleppo, some residents are preparing to flee Syria's largest city while others are hoarding...
Man Clings to Sinking Boat in Turkish Coast Guard Rescue
The migrant was found atop an almost fully-submerged boat by members of the Turkish coast guard.
Indian Scientists Study Possible Death by Meteorite
Authorities say the victim was standing in close proximity to where the falling object landed.
Hong Kong 'Fish Ball Revolution' Erupts in Violent Crackdown
Violent clashes erupted overnight in Hong Kong after protesters defended unlicensed food vendors, set up for Chinese New Year...
2 Trains Collide in Germany, 8 Dead, at Least 100 Injured
Two morning commuter trains have collided in Bad Aibling in southern Germany, killing eight people and injuring more than 100...
China's Extreme Fireworks Are Beautifully Dangerous
At the edge of China's coal country, there is a traditional pyrotechnic display so unique and dangerous that it is still only...
Suspected Bomb Hand-Off Caught on Camera
Somali authorities release video of what they believe is a bomb-packed laptop being handed to a passenger before the...
Leopard Runs Wild on School Grounds in India
The leopard was shot with a tranquilizer dart after injuring three people in Bangalore.
Tens of Thousands of Displaced Syrians Rush Toward Turkey
ABC News' Alex Marquardt reports live from the border in Kilis, Turkey.
Earthquake Survivors Pulled From Rubble in Taiwan
Two more people have been rescued after the devastating earthquake rocked Taiwan.
Eye-Catching Footage Shows Volcano Eruption in Japan
Lightning-like flashes were captured during the eruption on Japan's southern island of Kyushu.
GMA 02/09/2016: Candidates Make Final Push Leading Into New Hampshire Primary
Father of 13-Year-Old Virginia Murder Victim Speaks Out; Teresa Giudice in First Live Post-Prison TV Interview
NTL 02/08/16: The 2016 Race For President Heats Up Ahead of New Hampshire Primary
What's Next For Broncos' Peyton Manning Since Winning Super Bowl 50; Village's Dangerous Chinese New Year Fireworks Display...
WN 02/08/16: Best Super Bowl Ads
Candidates vying to get votes in New Hampshire; Olympic athletes warned about going to Rio amid Zika virus concerns.
This Week 02/07/16: Presidential Candidates Prepare for New Hampshire Primary
Guests: Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton, Matthew Dowd, Donna Brazile, Cokie Roberts, Bill Kristol
20/20 02/05/16: A Dangerous Intersection
An encounter in traffic during a driving lesson leads to a shootout and the death of Tammy Meyers.