Americans Not Heard From After Japan Quake
There are no confirmed reports of any American casualties in Japan.
U.S. Nuke Plants Safer Than Japanese, Industry Says
There are 23 nuclear reactors in the U.S. similar in design to those in Japan.
ABC News Reaches Hard Hit Sendai
Bodies still in cars, buildings burning, lines miles long for food and water.
USS Ronald Reagan Passes Through Radioactive Plume Off Japan Coast
Ship's equipment detected radiation from the Fukushima nuclear plant.
Amanpour: Flying Over Japan's Destruction
An aerial view of the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
Rescue Dogs Delayed By Japanese Rules
Swiss rescue team held up by rules allowing dogs to enter the country.
Fukushima Fear: Evacuee Radiation Screening
Workers measure contamination at evacuation centers bordering the danger zone.
Japan Disaster Relief: U.S. Mobilizes Humanitarian and Military Aid
Naval ships and experts wait for Japan to give green light to assist
Nuclear Concerns in U.S.
California is overdue for a major earthquake, are their nuclear plants prepared?
Radioactivity All Around
Did you know that we are constantly surrounded by radiation?
Japan's Peril
Another explosion at the Kukushima power plant raised the deadly radiation level
Good News ... Finally
"Nightline" lets an American family know that a relative in Japan is safe.
Search, Rescue and Recovery
Embedded with the Red Cross, ABC's Christiane Amanpour reports on relief efforts
Japan's Nuclear Emergency
Explosions at nuclear power plants in Japan could result in more deaths.
Searching for Survivors After Quake
ABC's Bill Weir reports on the exhaustive search for loved ones among the debris
Japan's Ground Zero
No power, little food or water and rubble plague Japan's coastal villages.
Shark Nearly Swallows Reporter
ABC News' John Berman snorkels with a marine biology teacher and whale sharks.
The 'View' on Baby Lisa
Chris Cuomo and Dan Abrams offer their legal expertise on high-profile cases.
Did Lohan Pose for Playboy?
Actress' rep neither confirms nor denies reports she will appear in the magazine
J-Lo Breaks Down on Stage
Singer, "American Idol" judge cried during song that focused on her breakups.
Baby Lisa Witness Re-Interviewed
Witness claims he saw a man walking with a baby the night Lisa Irwin vanished.
Japan's Earthquake Recovery
Nation in the wake of a deadly 8.9 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami.
Japan: Devastation and Recovery
9.0 earthquake and tsunami causes major damage