Pope Acknowledges 'Moral Ordeal' in Abortion Decision
He declared today that women who'd had procedure could be absolved of sin.
Satellite Images Show ISIS Destruction of Ancient Temple
Satellite images show ISIS has destroyed another Palmyran temple.
Fake Syrian Passports a Way Out of Africa, Mideast Into Europe
Syrian citizens are legally entitled to refugee status in any European country.
Watch: Chicago Teen Sings for Pope Francis
The high school senior shared her struggles with bullying before performing.
Missing GW Student Last Seen Swimming in South Africa
Nicholas Upton is originally from Connecticut.
Pope Francis Holds Virtual Audience in ABC News Event
Americans in Chicago, Texas and California participated.
Erika Death Toll Rises, Hurricane Fred Forms Off Africa
Fred is the second hurricane in the Atlantic Basin this year.
Scientists Discover Ice Cream That Doesn't Melt
A team of scientists has discovered the secret ingredient.
The Latest on Thailand: Arrest Warrant for Turkish Man
The Latest on Thailand: Arrest warrant issued for Turkish husband of Thai suspect
Migrants Defiant as Hungary Blocks Train Links for 2nd Day
Defiant migrants shout 'What we want? Peace!' as Hungary bars them from trains for 2nd day
Correction: Australia-Obit-Great Escape Story
Correction: Australia-Obit-Great Escape story
Masked Men Kidnap 18 Turkish Workers in Baghdad
Iraqi officials say masked men in uniforms kidnap 18 Turkish workers in Baghdad
Thailand Issues Arrest Warrant in Bombing Case for Turkish Man Who Is Husband of Thai Suspect
Thailand issues arrest warrant in bombing case for Turkish man who is husband of Thai suspect
UN Envoy Notes 'Tangible Results' in Talks With Libya Envoys
After talks with Tripoli leaders, UN envoy presses hope for deal on Libya unity government
Congo Warlord Bosco Ntaganda Goes on Trial at ICC
Congo warlord Bosco Ntaganda, known as The Terminator, goes on trial at ICC
Report: 11 Migrants Drown, 5 Missing off Turkish Coast
Report: 11 migrants drown, 5 missing when boats sink on way to Greek island from Turkey
Hong Kong Teen Faces Trial Over Pro-Democracy Protest
Hong Kong teen student leader faces trial over protest that sparked pro-democracy occupations
Post-Bomb Bangkok Moves on, but With New Sense of Insecurity
Voices from Bangkok: Here's what people are saying about life 2 weeks after deadly bombing
Pope Francis to Allow Absolution for Abortion During Holy Year
The pontiff declared that all priests may hear confession for the "sin of abortion" during the upcoming Year of Mercy,...
Satellite Images Show ISIS Destruction of Ancient Temple
Satellite images provided by the United Nations show the apparent destruction of the 2,000 year-old Temple of Bel by ISIS...
Texas Church Participates in Virtual Papal Audience
Hear from immigrants at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church on what it was like to be addressed by Pope Francis.
Homeless Shelters in Los Angeles Take Part in Virtual Audience With Pope Francis
Hear about a single mom's experience getting to tell her story directly to the pope
Chicago High School Takes Part in Virtual Audience With Pope
Hear from the Christo Rey Jesuit High School student who was asked by Pope Francis to sing a song.
Pope Holds a Virtual Audience With Americans Ahead of Visit to the US
The pontiff holds a special event with ABC News involving Americans in Chicago, Texas and California.
Vladimir Putin Exercise Video Emerges
The Russian president's workout is previewed in this rare look at his routine.
A History of Popes in the U.S.
Pope Francis will be the fourth pope to ever visit the United States. The first pope came to America in 1965.
Pope Francis In A Minute
Pope Francis will visit the U.S. in September. The 266th pope is known for being humble, questioning the church and being an...
Nightline 09/01/15: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Forgive Women Who Had Abortions
This Refugee Family Was Smuggled from Syria to Greece; Inside the Ranch Where Glamping Can Cost at Least $10,000 a Week
WN 09/01/15: FBI Investigating Deadly Police Shooting of Gilbert Flores
Police investigate high school football injuries; Vegas weddings on the decline.
GMA 09/01/15: Pope Francis Tackles Potentially Sensitive Issues at Virtual Meeting
State Department Adds 7,000 More Pages to Hillary Clinton Email Dump; Miss America 2016 Contestants Reveal Pageant Secrets
This Week 08/30/15: Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Impacting Poll Results?
Guests: Bernie Sanders, Bobby Jindal, Amy Klobuchar, Newt Gingrich, LZ Granderson, Julie Pace, Cokie Roberts
20/20 08/28/15: 'Tragedy on TV'
Lone Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Virginia On-Air Shooting; Years Before Shooting, Vester Flanagan's Big TV Break Turned...
Chaos in Budapest Train Station Amid Migrant Crisis
Hungarian authorities have closed rail traffic from the Keleti train station.
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The latest news photos from around the globe.