Suicide Bomber Targets Shiites in Iraqi Capital, Kills 7
Iraqi officials say a suicide bomber has killed at least seven people who were setting up tents for a major Shiite religious...
Jordanian Writer Gunned Down Outside Courthouse
A prominent Jordanian writer has been shot dead in front of the courthouse where he was on trial for sharing a cartoon deemed...
Bosnian Serbs Vote in Referendum Banned by Top Court
Bosnian Serbs are voting in a referendum banned by the country's constitutional court, risking Western sanctions against...
Swiss Vote on Granting New Powers to Intelligence Services
Swiss voters are casting ballots to decide whether to grant new powers to Switzerland's intelligence services like tracking...
Journalist's Exile Shows Concern Over Nepal's Press Freedom
A Nepali journalist who helped organize a gathering of investigative reporters from throughout Asia was notably absent from...
Mexico Sees Surge of Migrants From Haiti, Africa and Asia
Mexican immigration authorities say they have been hit by a surge of almost 5,000 Haitian, African and Asian migrants...
Tens of Thousands March Against Same-Sex Marriage in Mexico
Tens of thousands of people are marching in Mexico City in opposition to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto's push to...
In Battle for Iraq's Mosul, Many Forces With Many Motives
An unlikely array of forces is converging on the city of Mosul, lining up for a battle on the historic plains of northern...
North Korean Defectors Who Became Chinese Brides End Silence
North Korean defectors who left children in China are speaking about their situation after years of silence and guilt
N. Korean Defectors Sold as Brides in China Want Kids Back
North Korean women trafficked and sold as wives to Chinese farmers are often separated from their children when they flee to...
Prince William, Princess Kate Arrive for Royal Visit to Canada
Prince William, Princess Kate and their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, arrive in Victoria, British Columbia,...
Boy Survives 3 Days Alone in Siberian Wilderness
A 3-year-old boy has been rescued after surviving three days alone in the wilderness in a remote part of Siberia, authorities...
Young Girl Pulled From Rubble in Aleppo
A newly released video shows rescuers save a young girl who was buried under rubble after an air strike in Aleppo.
Check Out the Newest Baby Gorilla in Germany
Shira the gorilla had a baby at the Frankfurt Zoo.
The History of Oktoberfest
The annual celebration in Germany is the largest in the world with 6 million visitors.
Marine Corps Jet Crashes Off the Coast of Okinawa, Pilot Rescued
A U.S. Marine Corps pilot ejected safely from a Harrier jet that crashed into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of the Japanese...
Kerry Makes Impassioned Plea for Syria Cease-Fire
Kerry called on the Syrian regime to ground all its aircraft and obey cease-fire.
'Bazooka' Used to Launch Drugs Into the US Found in Mexico
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Mexican authorities discovered and seized a homemade bazooka that may have been used to launch drugs into...
Refugee Says He Took Skittles Photo Donald Trump Jr. Used in Anti-Refugee Tweet
A photographer who says he took the Skittles photo used by Donald Trump Jr. in a tweet on the "Syrian refugee problem," tells...
Bangkok Park Overrun With Monitor Lizards
Their growing numbers have park officials concerned.
GMA 09/24/16: 5 Dead in Mall Shooting
Behind the Scenes at the new African American History Museum with the Obamas; Families Challenged to a "No Text Weekend."
WN 09/23/16: New Video Allegedly Shows Bomber Planting Luggage on Street in NYC
Wife of man killed in Charlotte police shooting reveals video; Massive hack attack at Yahoo.
This Week 09/18/16: Vice Presidential Candidates Discuss 2016 Election
Guests: Mike Pence, Tim Kaine, Cokie Roberts, Dan Balz, Rich Lowry, Yamiche Alcindor