Watch Koala Brought Back to Life in Dramatic Rescue
Workers performed mouth-to-mouth to save "Sir Chompsalot."
Russian Ban on Polish Apples Sparks Cider Debate
Russian ban on Polish apples sparks debate on whether to encourage cider consumption
Kenya: Man Says He Is Wanted Somali Terror Suspect
Kenya Police: Man in custody admits he is suspect wanted in Somalia for murdering journalists
Germany Backpedals on Claim Qatar Funds Extremists
Germany backpedals on claim Qatar is funding the extremist Islamic State group
Iraqi Cleric Urges Leaders Not to Delay Government
Iraq's top Shiite cleric urges politicians to resolve differences, swiftly form new government
Ukraine: Russian Aid Convoy Is a 'Direct Invasion'
Russia sends aid trucks into Ukraine without Kiev's OK; Ukraine calls move a 'direct invasion'
Gaza Militants Kill 18 Alleged Spies for Israel
Gaza militants kill 18 alleged informers for Israel, 7 of them in public
Rains Raise Risk for Search After Japan Landslides
Threat of more heavy rain raises risks in search for victims of Japan landslides
Captured Journalist Noted for His Heartfelt War Reporting
Family of captured journalist starts petition to try and save him.
2 French Teen Girls Probed as Would-Be Jihadis
Prosecutor's office: 2 French girls, 15 and 17, under investigation as would-be jihadis
China's Xi Courts Public Opinion in Mongolia
With deals and cordial words, China's Xi courts public opinion in sometimes skeptical Mongolia
British ISIS Militants Nicknamed 'The Beatles' Held Foley and other Journalists
U.S. launches more airstrikes against ISIS in Northern Iraq despite death threat to 2nd American journalist held captive.
This Iraq Monastery, Once a Safe Haven for Christians, Has Been Abandoned
Once a safe haven for Iraqi Christians, ABC News’ Terry Moran visits the now empty St. Hormizd’s Monastery.
Day in Pictures: 8/20/14
Images from across the globe: Fatal Landslide in Hiroshima, 'Appalled' by James Foley Beheading, Ebola Claims Fifth Nigerian...
Jihadist in James Foley Execution Video Has British Accent
ISIS video shows beheading of American Journalist captured in Syria.
When Icleand's Volcano Raged in 2010
The Eyjafjallajokull volcano began to erupt in April 2010, leading to more than 100,000 flights being canceled.
Pope's Relatives Killed in Argentina Car Crash
Three relatives of Pope Francis died after the small car they were in slammed into a truck.
US Airstrikes Help Secure Strategic Mosul Dam From ISIS Militants
ABC News' Terry Moran takes us to the frontlines in the fight against militants.
What We Found at Iraq's Most Dangerous Dam
ABC News' Terry Moran heads to the aging structure that was retaken from ISIS.
Iraqi Forces Recapture Strategic Mosul Dam With Help From U.S. Airstrikes
More than half of the 68 U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq targeted ISIS fighters near the dam.
Pope Francis Receives Warm Welcome in South Korea
The pontiff visits South Korea, whose population of Catholics is growing.
Nightline 8/21: With American Ebola Patients' Recovery Comes New Hope
Jessica Alba: 'Sin City' Character 'Opposite of Who I Am'; This Emotional Ice Bucket Challenge Video Gives Real ALS...
WN 8/21: Pete Rose Wants a Second Chance
Record $16.6 billion banking settlement; 'Shades of Grey' trailer sparks a real estate rally.
Neighbors From Hell
A look at when things go wrong at home and with your neighbors
20/20 08/15: "My Strange Affliction"
20/20 looks at the more peculiar afflictions that people are forced to endure.