Purported ISIS Video Claims One Japanese Hostage Executed
Second hostage still alive, says ISIS wants prisoner swap.
As Deadline Passes for ISIS Hostages, Skepticism Over Ransom Demand
Terrorists asked Japan to pay $200 million in ransom.
What You Need to Know About Yemen in 90 Seconds
A key in the fight against terror, Yemen is in crisis.
Argentine President Calls for Investigation of Prosecutor's 'Suicide'
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner says death "very strange."
What Prince Andrew Said About Sex Allegations
Virginia Roberts alleges she was forced to have sex with him when she was 17.
Melinda Gates Shares Goals of Annual Gates Letter
Bill and Melinda Gates outline their nonprofit's goals in the 2015 Gates Letter.
Prince Andrew Accuser Reveals New Sex Slave Allegation Details
The prince has been asked to give a deposition under oath.
South Africa Shaken by Anti-Immigrant Riots
South African looters target immigrant shops in Johannesburg area, exposing social tensions
Norway Frees Iraq Cleric After Prison Term for Death Threats
Iraqi cleric freed in Norway after serving nearly 3 years in prison for death threats
Egypt: Police, Protesters Clash on Anniversary of Uprising
Security tightened in Egypt on anniversary of 2011 uprising as activists mourn latest death
Turkish President in Somalia to Launch Development Projects
Turkish president in Somalia to launch development projects amid heavy security
30 Filipino Police Commandos Killed in Clash With Rebels
More than 30 Filipino anti-terror police commandos killed in clash with rebels, mayor says
Ukraine: Phone Calls Prove Rebels Attacked City, Killed 30
Ukraine says intercepted communications prove Russian-backed rebels attacked city, killed 30
AP NewsAlert
Philippine town mayor says more than 30 police commandos killed in clash with Muslim rebels
Japan Stunned by Video Claiming Death of 1 of 2 IS Hostages
Japan stunned by video purportedly showing 1 of 2 Islamic State group hostages has been killed
Indonesian Rescuers Fail Again to Lift Fuselage of AirAsia
Indonesian rescuers fail for 2nd time to lift fuselage of crashed AirAsia jetliner
Boko Haram Attacks Northeastern Nigerian City, Dozens Killed
Boko Haram attacks biggest city in northeastern Nigeria, dozens of fighters killed, wounded
Stray Monkeys Greet Obama in Delhi
Monkeys are revered in India and cannot be harmed, even if they are a public nuisance.
Extraordinary Security for President Obama at New Delhi Parade
The president visits India as chief guest of Republic Day.
Day In Pictures 1.23.15
Saudis Mourn Death of King Abdullah, U.S. Casualty Buried In Arlington, Austria Hosts Alpine World Cup
4 Questions for Roberta Jacobson, The Lead US Negotiator in Cuba
The Lead US Negotiator in Cuba talks to ABC News About This Week's Historic Talks
Yemen Crisis Deepening
The president and prime minister of Yemen resign amid pressure from a rebel group.
Time's Up on ISIS Ransom Demand for Japanese Hostages; What's Next?
The militant group posted a new video online saying the countdown to kill the two hostages has begun after the Japanese...
Divers Enter AirAsia Fuselage for First Time
Indonesian divers recovered an additional six bodies from the jetliner that crashed in the Java Sea last month.
Patriots Plead Innocence; Nor'easter Expected to Cripple Area; Prince Andrew Speaks at Davos
Deflate-Gate: Patriots players plead innocence; Northeaster approaching expected to cripple area; Prince Andrew speaks at...
Prince Andrew Addresses Sexual Misconduct Allegations for First Time
Royal refers to previous statements and says he wants to focus on his work.
What's Happening in Yemen?
What you need to know in 90 Seconds.
2020 1/24: Teen Goes Missing After Meeting With Girlfriend's Ex
College Student Charged With Friend's Murder, Kidnapping; Girl Testifies At Ex's Trial For Murdering Her New Love
WN 1/24: Bomb Threats Made on Two Mid-Air Flights
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Slain Japanese Hostage; Iowa Freedom Summit Hosts Plenty of Potential Presidential Candidates
GMA 1/24: SkyMall Files For Bankruptcy
Republicans Visit Iowa in Unofficial Start to 2016 Presidential Race; What NFL Knows So Far About 'Deflate-Gate'
Nightline 1/23: Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US
Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US; Batkid Is Back: The Brave Boy Who Battled Cancer
This Week 1/18: Europe Cracks Down on Terror Suspects
Guests: Mike Huckabee, Farah Pandith, Alicia Menendez, Matt Dowd, Adam Kinzinger, Jennifer Granholm