Search Area Expands for Missing AirAsia Jet
Searchers "suspect" the missing plane is on the ocean floor.
Race to Save Passengers From Smoke-Filled Ferry
Nearly 500 people were on ship when it caught fire.
Searchers 'Suspect' Missing AirAsia Jet Is on Ocean Floor
Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane shortly after takeoff.
Hard to Find Missing Planes, Even With Advanced Technology
Air Asia Flight QZ8501 has been missing since early Sunday morning.
Why the Search for AirAsia Flight Is Different From MH 370
There are important differences in the case of two missing planes.
Inside the Search Area for Missing AirAsia Jet
Air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane shortly after takeoff.
America's Longest War Comes to a Ceremonial End
U.S., NATO mark end of mission in Afghanistan.
Second Missing Plane This Year 'Disheartening'
Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia jets disappeared this year.
AirAsia 8501 Missing: Timeline of Events
See the flightpath, weather maps in disappearance of Airbus A300.
160 Still Trapped on Greek Ferry as 49 Reach Land
1st big group of people from Greek ferry fire arrive in Bari as hundreds more await evacuation
Australian Plane Spots Objects in Sea in AirAsia Search Area
Indonesian official says Australian plane spots objects in sea in AirAsia search area
Scaffold Collapse at Top Beijing School Kills 10
Scaffold collapse at prestigious Beijing school kills 10 workers, injures 4
Indonesian Official Says Australian Planes Spot Objects in Sea in AirAsia Search Area
Indonesian official says Australian planes spot objects in sea in AirAsia search area
Differences Between MH370 and AirAsia Incidents
Missing jet brings back Flight 370 memories, but there are plenty of differences
Key Developments in Disappearance of AirAsia Jet
Key developments after AirAsia jet goes missing en route from Indonesia to Singapore
Indonesian Official: Prospects Bleak for Missing Jet
Several countries hunt for missing AirAsia jet; Indonesian official says likely at sea bottom
1 Dead, Hundreds Stranded on Ferry Adrift in Gale
Fire trapped passengers on top decks.
Ship With 49 Survivors of Greek Ferry Fire Docks in Bari, 1st Major Group to Reach Land
Ship with 49 survivors of Greek ferry fire docks in Bari, 1st major group to reach land
AirAsia, Malaysia Air Similarities and Differences
ABC News contributor John Nance discusses the latest flight to go missing in the same region.
Search Suspended for Missing AirAsia Jet
Flight QZ8501 had at least 161 people on board.
Santa Spotted Over Australia in News Report
Australia's 9 News Darwin went all out with coverage of Saint Nick's journey.
American Soldiers Share What It's Like to Be Away From Home on Christmas
U.S. Army troops in Liberia get personal on how it feels to be so far away from home during the holidays.
ISIS Captures Coalition Pilot in Northern Syria
Jordanian warplane crashes while flying mission near Raqqa.
'Artists Without Borders' Tackle Ebola Crisis in Liberia
This homegrown group, based on Doctors Without Borders, may not be health workers on the frontlines, but they're using their...
Journalist Sees Americans Fighting With ISIS
German journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer had a rare look inside the so-called caliphate.
Western Journalist Discusses Time With ISIS
The German journalist says he encountered Americans, including one from New Jersey.
Ostrich Takes to the Highway, Disrupts Traffic
Surveillance video shows the big bird busting through a toll gate in China's Jinhua City.
What #AlexFromTarget Hopes to Do With His Internet Fame
Life changed for Alex Lee, 16, when a photo of him taken by a secret admirer went viral on social media.
This Week 12/28: Game Changers of 2014
Women in Politics; Overseas Adversaries; ALS Ice Bucket Challenge; Marijuana Legalization
GMA 12/28: Facial Features a Judge of Success?
AirAsia Flight QZ8501 Missing Near Southeast Asia; Man Survives Snowmobile Accident and the Alaskan Wilderness
2020 12/26: Court Overrules Mom's Conviction for Murder of Foster Son
Foster Son's Parents Suspected of His Salt Poisoning Death; Mom Found Guilty in Salt Poisoning Death of Foster Son; Mom...
Nightline 12/26: The Underground World of Colombia's Child Sex Trafficking Trade
The Underground World of Colombia's Child Sex Trafficking Trade; Undercover for Alleged Underage Prostitution Raid at...
WN 12/24: Santa's Helpers in Uniform Spread Holiday Cheer
The pros and cons of gift cards; Christmas Eve storms across the country.
Search for Survivors of AirAsia Flight 8501
Airbus A320 with at least 161 on board last seen on radar over the Java Sea.