Usain Bolt Taken Out by Segway After Winning Race
The takedown happened as Bolt was celebrating his 200m win at Worlds.
See Moment Sinkhole Swallows Bus Commuters
Security video shows one woman hanging onto a pipe as pedestrians rush to help.
Haunting Images of Abandoned Psych Hospitals
Thomas Windisch shot images of Italy's abandoned wards for two years.
Gunman in Afghan Uniform Kills 2 American Troops
An attacker wearing an Afghan military uniform killed two US troops today.
Ukrainian Director Sentenced to 20 Years in Show Trial
Oleg Sentsov was sentenced in what some say was a show trial.
Watch Boy Trip, Accidentally Rip Hole Into $1.5M Painting
The 350-year-old painting was by Baroque artist Paolo Porpora.
American Train Hero Thought He was 'Going to Get Shot'
After the gunman fired, Stone ran at him and tackled him to the ground.
See ISIS Purportedly Destroying 2,000-Year-Old Temple
ISIS apparently continuing its systematic destruction of ancient ruins.
200 Feared Dead in Latest Migrant Disaster off Libya's Coast
Divers searching for victims as 200 feared dead in latest migrant disaster off coast of Libya
Europe's Migrant Crisis Brings Tragedy by Land and Sea
Europe's migrant crisis brings tragedy by land and sea; biggest movement since WWII kills 100s
Attack Draws New Scrutiny to Railways Linking Open Europe
Attack on high-speed train draws new scrutiny to railways that link Europe's open borders
Image of Asia: Ashton Eaton Races to Wide Lead in Decathlon
Image of Asia: Ashton Eaton races to a wide lead in the decathlon
Lebanon Interior Minister Calls for Restraint in Protests
Lebanon interior minister urges police, protesters to show restraint in anti-government rally
The Latest: Hungary Arrests 21 in Crackdown on Smugglers
The Latest: Hungary arrests 21 in crackdown on smugglers packing migrants into cars and vans
Brazil's Rousseff Faces Growing Impeachment Threat
Brazil's President Rousseff facing growing calls for impeachment
Estonia Steps up Surveillance Along Border With Russia
Estonia steps up surveillance at Russian border to enhance security at EU frontier
UN Envoy Says Libya Talks Must End in 2 Weeks
UN envoy says Libya talks must be completed in 2 weeks, PM candidates to be discussed
Indian Army Kills 5 Naga Rebels in Remote Northeast
Indian army kills 5 Naga rebels in remote northeast bordering Myanmar
Train Hero Spencer Stone Describes 'Slow Motion' Struggle
The American serviceman injured while stopping a gunman on a train last week said charging the attacker was a long sprint,...
The Package (El Paquete) is Highly Illegal but it's Cuba's Number One Employer
In Cuba with no internet, no worries, just order The Package (El Paquete) and watch all your favorite movies, T.V. shows and...
Americans Honored for Thwarting Train Attack
Three Americans who helped take down a gunman on a train receive France's highest award.
North Korean Army Put on 'Quasi State of War'
The move comes after South Korea refused to stop using loudspeakers to broadcast anti-government propaganda.
Nightline 08/27/15: Prep School Rape Trial Goes to the Jury
Radio Host Elvis Duran Details Dramatic Weight Loss; Boy Describes Being Hit By Plane on the Beach
WN 08/27/15: New Details in Gunman's Sinister Plan
New poll shows Trump's biggest lead yet; jury deliberates in NH rape trial.
GMA 08/27/15: News Team Returns to Air After Deadly On-Air Shooting
Hillary Clinton Calls Most GOP Candidates 'Trump Without the Pizzazz or Hair'; Talking to Your Kids About Tragedy
20/20 08/21/15: Evidence of Love
Why This Woman Fell in Love With a Convicted Killer on Death Row; Woman on Mission to Prove Her Husband Didn't Kill 3 Women;...
This Week 08/23/15: Will VP Joe Biden Run for President?
Guests: Donald Trump, Scott Walker, Martin O'Malley, Bill Richardson, Ana Navarro, Rich Lowry, Nancy Gibbs, Matt Bai