TV Show Takes Family Back in Time to Live Under Nazi Control
Even the rare old currency of the Nazi puppet state will be used.
How Elian Gonzalez's Uncle Feels About Tense 2000 Standoff
Elian's Miami relatives fought to keep him in the U.S. after he was rescued.
See Dog Pulled From Raging Flood Waters, Given Mouth-to-Mouth
Dog fell into water filled with mud, stones and other debris.
The ISIS Assault on History: Fears for Palmyra
The ISIS assault on historical artifacts could extend to Palmyra.
Elian Gonzalez on His Relationship With Fidel Castro
The 21-year-old spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview.
Russia to Ban 'Undesirable' Foreign Organizations
Rights organizations say the move is aimed at clamping down on dissent.
Al Qaeda???s Job Application: Want to Be a Suicide Bomber?
Bin Laden bookshelf: Terror org asks that would-be jihadists write "legibly."
Anti-Booing Technology Used in Reality Show Singing Contest
“We found the reaction last year was quite embarrassing,” contest official says.
How Elian Gonzalez Feels Now About His Return to Cuba
The 21-year-old spoke to ABC News in an exclusive interview on the decision.
US Readies Air Patrols in Search for Rohingya Boat People
US readies air patrols to help search for boat people from Myanmar and Bangladesh
Merkel Says 'A Whole Lot Left' to Do on Greece Bailout Talks
German Chancellor Angela Merkel says there's a 'whole lot left' to be done on Greece bailout
Tuk-Tuk Taxi Maker Aims to Make Inroads in US
Tuk Tuk Factory _ maker of auto rickshaws popular in Asia _ aims to make inroads in US
Japan's First Lady Visits Controversial Shrine to War Dead
Japan's first lady visits Yasukuni shrine, which honors country's war dead including criminals
China's Mega-Tours Draw Attention Abroad, Critique at Home
The mega-travel tours of Chinese direct marketers stun world, draw pride and critique at home
Deputy Russia FM: Western Mideast Policies 'Short-Sighted'
Deputy Russia FM: External players cannot solve Syria crisis, Western policies 'short-sighted'
IS Group Seizes Town in Iraq's Anbar Province
Islamic State group seizes another town in Iraq's western Anbar province
ECB Tells Governments: Don't Wait to Fix Europe's Economy
European Central Bank head urges eurozone governments not to put off pro-business reforms
Spanish Opposition Parties Challenge New 'Gag Law'
Spanish opposition parties challenge legality of new 'gag law' before Constitutional Court
China Says Work on Charter for Asian Bank Completed
China says work by 57 governments on charter for Asian bank completed, signing due in June
DC Mansion Murder Suspect At Large; ISIS Threatens Priceless Artifacts; Elephant Takes "Elphie" Selfie with Student
DC mansion murder suspect thought to be in New York City area; ISIS threatens priceless artifacts after they seize new city;...
ISIS Captures Ancient Syrian Town of Palmyra
Officials concerned militants could destroy priceless ruins.
Dog Given Mouth-to-Mouth in Amazing River Rescue
Colombian police officers rescued the dog from strong river currents after a disastrous landslide hit the area.
California Oil Spill; Banks to Plead Guilty to Market Rigging; Bin Laden Raid Documents Released
California oil spill leaves miles of beach soiled with slicks; banks fined more than $5B, to plead guilty to market rigging;...
Elian Gonzalez Talks About His Relationship with Fidel Castro
Elian says he and former Cuban president have maintained a friendship since meeting Castro upon his return.
Anti-Booing Technology Used in Reality Show Singing Contest
Organizers of this year's Eurovision Song Contest are installing special anti-booing technology in anticipation that Russia's...
Elian Gonzalez Reflects on His Return to Cuba
Now 21, Elian says his father Juan Miguel "did the right thing" by bringing him back to his home country.
Nightline 05/21/15: DC Mansion Murder Suspect Taken Into Custody
Celebrating Disneyland's 60th Anniversary; On the Town with Zedd
WN 05/21/15: California Oil Spill Threatens Wildlife and Water Along Coast
ISIS takes another city; David Letterman's star-studded finale.
GMA 05/21/15: California Declares State of Emergency From Oil Spill
Al Qaeda Job Application One Of Many Bin Laden Documents Declassified; Booted 'Bachelorette' Britt Nilsson Opens Up About...
This Week 05/17/15: US Operation Takes Out ISIS Leader
Guests: Robert Sumwalt, Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Matthew Dowd, Ana Navarro, Cokie Roberts, Jonathan Karl
20/20 05/15/15: 'To Catch a Fake'
Undercover Agents Go on the Hunt for Counterfeit Drugs; Stores Advertising Cheaper Drugs From Canada Are Put to the Test; How...