Inside the Abandoned Mall Where People Are Celebrating Christmas
Thousands of Christian Iraqis try to make the most of the holiday.
Investigative Unit 2014: Lawrence of Afghanistan
Special Forces legend had plan to win in Afghanistan, then he was pushed out.
Why Spain's 'El Gordo' Lottery Made One Girl Cry
Nearly $3 billion handed out in world's biggest lottery.
N. Korea Warns of Strikes at 'All of Mainland USA'
The communist country proclaims innocence in the Sony hacking scandal.
Watch Santa Claus Rescue Man From Burning Home
This firefighter was dressed as St. Nick when he jumped to action.
Syrian Children Forage Through Trash to Survive
“I got used to the smell of garbage. Some of it stinks more than others," says nine-year-old Maher, laughing at his own...
Goodbye Facebook Revolutions? Page Supporting Putin Critic Blocked
A page supporting Alexei Navalny was blocked in Russia.
US Sending 4 Gitmo Prisoners Back to Afghanistan
Department of Defense: 132 detainees remain at Gitmo.
Some 15 Percent of Honduran Kids Work
Balancing homework with grown up jobs: about 15 percent of Honduran children are employed
Woman Fatally Shot at Myanmar Mine Protest
Lawmaker, media say protester shot dead at Chinese-backed copper mine in Myanmar
Japan's Emperor Turns 81, Renews Peace Commitment
Japan's Emperor Akihito turns 81, renews commitment to peace ahead of 70th year since war end
Cuba Signals That Extradition of US Fugitives off the Table
Cuba says anything up for discussion with Washington, except asylum for US fugitives
Nicaragua Breaks Ground on Historic Canal Project
Nicaragua breaks ground on historic, disputed canal project, begins with access roads
2004 Tsunami: People Rushing Choppers to Get Aid
Remembering 2004 tsunami: Chaos in Aceh as survivors rush US helicopter to get food, water
Memorial Services Held for Sydney Siege Victims
Services held for victims of Sydney cafe siege as thousands of flowers cleared from memorial
North Korean Websites Back Online After Shutdown
North Korean websites back online after earlier shutdown amid tension over Sony hacking
Mexico: Local Police Involved in 2011 Migrant Massacres
Mexican prosecutors: Local police involved in the massacres of 193 migrants in 2011
Cuba Says It Has a Right to Grant Asylum to US Fugitives
Cuba signals extradition off the table for NJ fugitive, says it has right to grant asylum
What #AlexFromTarget Hopes to Do With His Internet Fame
Life changed for Alex Lee, 16, when a photo of him taken by a secret admirer went viral on social media.
Day in Pictures: 12/22/14
Images from across the globe: Sandra the Orangutan to be freed from zoo, Cold Wave Hits Northern India, World's biggest...
South Korea Nuclear Sites On Alert After Cyber Attack
North Korea denies Sony Hack, warns to retaliate against U.S. if allegations continue.
Displaced Iraqis Celebrate Christmas Inside an Unfinished Mall
Christians living at the unfinished shopping mall in Erbil have built a makeshift nativity scene.
Biggest Holiday Travel Day; Pakistan Launches Offensive Against Taliban; Michael Phelps Guilty of DUI
Millions travelling today for holidays; Pakistan launches offensive against Taliban after deadly school attack; Michael...
Barbara Walters on Her Unforgettable Interview with Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters recalls her five-hour interview with Fidel Castro in 1977.
Barbara Walters On Fidel Castro Promising to Shave His Beard
Cuban leader promise to shave off his iconic beard if the U.S. embargo was lifted.
Barbara Walters Had to Have Bodyguards After the Fidel Castro Interview
Barbara Walters received death threats and hate mail after infamous 1977 interview.
Barbara Walters' First Impression of Fidel Castro
Barbara Walters explains the duality of Fidel Castro's charm and assertiveness.
Barbara Walters On Why There Aren't Fidel Castro Posters Throughout Cuba
Barbara Walters explains how Fidel Castro viewed his own image.
WN 12/21: NYC Cop Killer Advertised Intentions on Social Media
Christmas Storm Expected to Bring Heavy Rain, Snow; A Look Behind 'Free' Vacation Offers
This Week 12/21: Reactions to the Execution-Style Shooting of NYPD Officers
Guests: Ray Kelly, Fran Townsend, Thor Halvorssen, Howard Dean, Ana Navarro, Cokie Roberts, Bill Kristol
GMA 12/21: The Shooting Ambush of Two NYPD Officers
Who Is the Alleged Brooklyn Shooter, Ismaaiyl Brinsley? Sony Hackers Allegedly Mock FBI Investigation
Nightline 12/19: 'Interview' Controversy: Did Sony Make The Right Move?
Tracking Too-Good-To-Be-True 'Free Vacation' Mail Offer; How Brick and Mortor Stores Are Taking On Online Shopping
2020 12/19: Stephen Collins Describes 'Inappropriate' Encounter with 10-Year-Old
Baby Clings to Life After Flash-Bang Grenade Lands in His Crib; Woman Caught on Camera Taking Packages from Family's...
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The latest news photos from around the globe.