Iceland Braced for Volcano Eruption That Could Disrupt Air Traffic
Some 100,000 flights were canceled as a result of the 2010 volcano eruption.
Image of Asia: Food and Water During the Monsoon
Image of Asia: Food and water during India's monsoon season
South Africa: Soap Opera Cast Is Fired
Drama hits South Africa's blockbuster soap opera after cast goes on strike, then is fired
Merkel Ukraine Role Mirrors Rising German Ambition
Persistent but calm, Merkel's leadership on Ukraine reflects rising German diplomatic ambition
Body of Tourist Slain in Bali Returns to US
The woman's daughter, daughter's boyfriend were arrested in her death.
Ship's Crew Not Monkeying Around With These Stowaways
Shocked mariners call Copenhagen Zoo for help with guests who forgot passports.
4 Suspects Arrested Over IRA Letter-Bomb Campaign
4 suspects arrested over IRA letter bombs; Northern Ireland truck-bomb alert follows arrests
Zimbabwe Economy Takes Another Dive
In Zimbabwe, the passport office is first stop in search for employment elsewhere
German Sentenced to Death in China Over Killings
German sentenced to death in China over killings, Berlin pledges to intervene
Argentina Seeks Default End With Venue Change
Argentina seeks to pay bondholders locally to end default triggered by US debt dispute
Dubai's Nakheel to Pay $2.1 Billion in Debt Early
Dubai's state developer Nakheel to pay $2.1 billion in debt 4 years ahead of final due date
Pope's Relatives Killed in Argentina Car Crash
Three relatives of Pope Francis died after the small car they were in slammed into a truck.
US Airstrikes Help Secure Strategic Mosul Dam From ISIS Militants
ABC News' Terry Moran takes us to the frontlines in the fight against militants.
What We Found at Iraq's Most Dangerous Dam
ABC News' Terry Moran heads to the aging structure that was retaken from ISIS.
Iraqi Forces Recapture Strategic Mosul Dam With Help From U.S. Airstrikes
More than half of the 68 U.S. Airstrikes in Iraq targeted ISIS fighters near the dam.
Pope Francis Receives Warm Welcome in South Korea
The pontiff visits South Korea, whose population of Catholics is growing.
Malala Answers Questions From Girls She Has Inspired
The young activist talks about community support, bravery and her hopes for the future.
Malala Says 'I Do Not Deserve' Nobel Prize Yet
Malala Yousafzai says her campaign to educate and empower women is not complete yet.
A Look at the Iraq/Syria Border Where Refugees Are Fleeing to Safety
ABC News' Muhammad Lila is on the Iraq/Syria border where the U.N. has set up a safe haven for refugees.
U.N. Declares Emergency Over Iraqi Refugee Crisis
U.S. launches more airstrikes to help Kurdish forces in fight against ISIS.
Chicago Couple Charged in Mother's Resort Island Death
Indonesian authorities are investigating the death of Sheila von Wiese-Mack.
WN 8/19: Extreme Jihadists in Iraq
Severe weather out West including wildfires and flooding; announcer Don Pardo dies.
Neighbors From Hell
A look at when things go wrong at home and with your neighbors
GMA 8/19: FBI Warns Public About Virtual Kidnapping Hoaxes
Florida Teen Disappears From Family's Houseboat; Taylor Swift Premieres 'Shake It Off' Music Video
20/20 08/15: "My Strange Affliction"
20/20 looks at the more peculiar afflictions that people are forced to endure.