Watch Putin Mistake Stroke Survivor for Drunk Journalist
Double-stroke victim jokes along with Russian president.
Amazing Video Shows Massive 'Dustnado'
Dirt lifted into tornado-like column in Australia field.
Who are the Three Cuban Agents Released in Alan Gross Deal?
The men had been held in the U.S. for 16 years.
Pope Francis Celebrates His 78th Birthday With Tango, Cake and Chicken
The 800 kilograms of chicken meat will be given to the poor.
Images Show Horror, Devastation Inside School Taliban Attacked
Bullets marked walls, chairs were overturned, and blood stained the floor.
Australia Looks for Lessons Following Sydney Siege
Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced a joint review after deadly attack.
Sydney Siege Hostage Recounts His Escape
Man says he "never felt such relief" as when he saw police.
Russia's Ruble Collapse Sparks Shopping Frenzy
With their currency in crisis, Russians would rather store value in goods.
Abu Dhabi's Etihad Gets A380, Complete With Suite
Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways gets its first A380, outfitted with lux suite, bathroom with shower
Germany Arrests 3 Accused of Spying for Turkey
Germany arrests 3 Turkish men accused of spying on compatriots for Turkey
Kenya Legislators Exchange Blows Over New Security Law
Fight breaks out in Kenyan parliament over new anti-terror security measure
Yemen's Parliament Approves New Cabinet
Yemen's parliament approves new government amid months of fighting
Suspected Islamic Extremists Kidnap 185 in Northeast Nigeria
Islamic extremists blamed for kidnapping of 185 villagers, killing 35 in northeastern Nigeria
Palestinian Leader Supports More Talks on UN Bid
Palestinian leader supports further talks on draft UN resolution on Israeli withdrawal
Denmark Targets 2 Accused of Jihadi Propaganda
Denmark authorities target 2 accused of spreading jihadi propaganda online
Aer Lingus Rejects Bid by British Airways Parent
Irish carrier Aer Lingus rejects takeover bid by British Airways parent IAG; shares surge
Montenegro Expected to Extradite 3 Men to US
Montenegro starts procedure to extradite to US 3 men suspected of arming terrorists
Putin Discusses Russian Economy
ABC's Kirit Radia on Russian president's annual address.
Day in Pictures: 12/17/14
Images from across the globe: Obama Announces Historic Policy Changes with Cuba, Schoolgirls Pray For Taliban Attack Victims...
David Muir exclusive with President Obama
David Muir sits down with President Obama to discuss major change in relations between U.S. and Cuba.
Exxon Mobil Shares Surging
Exxon Mobil Shares Surging
White House Insists Alan Gross Release Not A Prisoner Swap
White House maintains Gross was released from Cuba on "humanitarian" grounds.
A Look Inside the Pakistan School the Taliban Attacked
ABC News' Muhammad Lila shows us the aftermath of the horrific attack that killed more than 130 children.
Cuba and US Announce New Chapter in Diplomatic Ties
President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announce move toward full relations.
American Prisoner Held in Cuba Back on U.S. Soil
Alan Gross released as U.S. -Cuban relations warm up.
Inside the Pakistan School Massacre
ABC News' Muhammad Lila reports from inside the Army Public School and College in Peshawar.
Russians Race to Stores as Ruble Value Plummets
ABC News' Kirit Radia is in Moscow where many are trying to spend their money before it loses more value.
Nightline 12/17: What Lifting US Ban on Cuba Means to a New Generation
Texas Mother Released After Serving Time for Salt Poisoning Murder; Rockin' With the Rockettes
WN 12/17: Exclusive Interview with Obama Regarding Cuba, Alan Gross Homecoming
North Korea Responsible for Sony Hack; 'The Simpsons' Secrets Revealed
GMA 12/17: Movie Theater Chain Reportedly Pulls 'The Interview' Amid Threats
Pakistan School Massacre Death Beyond 145; Texas Mom Convicted of Killing Foster Child Is Released
This Week 12/14: The Release of the CIA Torture Report
Guests: Michael Hayden, David Koch, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingraham, Keith Ellison, Michael Smerconish
2020 12/13: Undercover and Hired to Kill
Man's Murder-for-Hire Plot to Kill Wife Backfires; NJ Mom Shops for Hit Man to Kill Love Rival
A Look Back at Cuba's Golden Age of Tourism
Advertising materials promoted Cuba's nightclub scene and beautiful beaches.
The Best Pictures from 2014
The most dramatic moments of the year.