Zaniest Myths About the Pope
Modern and ancient myths about the papacy
What Makes Conclave Smoke Turn White
A chemical mixture is added to the cardinals' ballots to signal conclave vote.
7 Facts About Conclave
The Room of Tears, first pope to change his name and the meaning of "conclave."
Red Drapes Readied for New Pope
Cardinals hold final general congregation on eve of first vote for new pope.
Full Coverage: New Pope? Not Yet
The next vote for a pope is scheduled for Wednesday.
Political Drama Unfolding at Vatican
The Vatican is reportedly full of intrigue as the conclave approaches.
Abuse Victims Ask Cardinals Be Kept From Conclave
Victims of predator priests in Chile, Mexico, Italy ask cardinals be barred from pope conclave
Cardinals Impose Media Blackout Ahead of Conclave
Vatican-style secrecy wins out over American-style transparency as US conclave briefings nixed
Filipino Cardinal Stirs Pre-Conclave Talk
Philippines cardinal taps Facebook, TV and serenades on rapid rise toward papal buzz
Conclave's Twists to Ancient Rules
Secrecy's the operating rule when cardinals vote behind locked doors for new pope
What's in a Name for a Pope?
Pope's chosen name may shed light on what is to come for the church.
History, Symbolism Behind the Pope's Clothing
The style and symbolism of the pope's clothes.
Pope, President Elections: 6 Unexpected Similarities
ROME–While Washington is focusing on the arrival of fiscal doomsday– aka the sequester– the real political action is actually...
The Pope's Digs in Pictures
Pope Benedict XVI’s eight year residency at the Vatican comes to a close this week, and with his historic retirement, the...
Conclave to Elect Next Pope Begins March 12
Cardinals will attend Mass in the morning before entering the Conclave to start election process.
Pope Benedict XVI's Historic Farewell
As the pope enters retirement, the question becomes: Who will lead the faithful next?
The Many Ways to Kiss a Pope Goodbye (Or Not)
Pope Benedict XVI's Vatican departure made with a variety of goodbyes from cardinals.