See Crew's Reaction When Woman Gives Birth on Board Flight
"What is she doing flying?" one fellow passenger recalled thinking.
Classified: Officials Mum on ???Deficiencies??? in Dramatic Tripoli Escape
Mysterious IG report identified apparent problems in 2014 overland evacuation.
Breaking Down the MH17 Crash Report's Findings
New details emerge on how missile destroyed Malaysia Airlines plane.
Missile Brought Down MH17 in Ukraine: Investigators
The plane plunged out of the sky, killing 298 people.
Inside North Korea's Miniature City: Folklore Park
A rare look inside one of North Korea's strangest tourist attractions.
Turkey Closing In on Suspect in Deadly 'Suicide Bombing'
ISIS is the main focus of the investigation, prime minister says.
'Outrageous': Iran Convicts Washington Post Journalist
Paper denounces verdict in espionage case as "indefensible."
Hundreds of Refugees Rescued From Wooden Boats
Médecins Sans Frontières currently has 2 boats in the Mediterranean.
Anti-American Sentiment on Display During North Korean Parade
Woman says feelings about President Obama are "obvious."
Dutch Probe: Buk Missile Downed Malaysian Jet in Ukraine
Dutch investigation: Missile fired from war-ravaged eastern Ukraine downed Malaysian jet
Lawyer for Victims' Kin Vows to Sue Railroad Over Derailment
Lawyer for victims' kin vows to sue Canadian railroad that skipped settlement after derailment
Guatemala Ends Search for Victims of Slide That Killed 280
Guatemala ends search for victims of slide that killed at least 280 people; 70 still missing
Palestinians Assailants Often Leave Behind Ordinary Lives
Palestinians attacking Israelis often young, leave behind ordinary lives in snap decisions
Burkina Faso Sets New Post-Coup Election Date for Nov. 29
Burkina Faso sets new election date for Nov. 29, after short-lived coup upset timeline
Lawyer for Train Derailment Victims to Sue Canadian Railroad
Lawyer for train derailment victims vows to sue Canadian railroad that rejected settlement
Chronology of Violence Between Palestinians and Israel
A chronology of escalating violence between Palestinians and Israel
Autopsy Says Ex-Burkina Faso Leader Was Shot About 10 Times
Preliminary autopsy of Burkina Faso leader killed decades ago says he was shot about 10 times
The Latest: Ex-War Crimes Judge: Dutch Report Refutes Russia
The Latest: Ex-war crimes judge: Dutch report on MH-17 downing refuges Russian 'propaganda'
Woman Gives Birth Aboard China Air Flight
The flight from Bali to Los Angeles made an emergency stop in Alaska after the woman gave birth on the plane.
How Missile Brought Malaysia Airlines Plane Down Over Ukraine
This animation released by the Dutch Safety Board details how a Buk missile brought MH-17 down over pro-Russian Eastern...
Inside North Korea's Miniature City
ABC News' Bob Woodruff gets a rare tour of Pyongyang's Folklore Park.
North Korean Woman: 'It's Obvious' How We Feel About Obama, US
Woman makes remarks during North Korea's 70th anniversary celebration.
Inside a North Korean Subway
ABC News' Bob Woodruff gets a rare tour of North Korean public transit.
Surge of Attacks in Jerusalem Prompts Warnings to Be on 'Maximum Alert'
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu advised citizens to be on "maximum alert" following nearly a week of violent shootings and...
24 Doctors Without Borders Staffers Missing After Deadly Airstrike
At least 22 people died in the Saturday morning strike, including 12 staffers, the charity's international president said...
Video Shows 2,000-Year-Old Ancient Arch Destroyed in Palmyra
Video obtained by The Associated Press shows the main part of a 2,000-year-old ancient arch in Palmyra completely destroyed.
Group Calls for Independent Probe Into Deadly Hospital Attack
At least 22 people died in the air strike, including a dozen doctors and seven adult patients and three children, according...
Nightline 10/12/15: 19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry
How One Kings Lane Can Help You Live in Luxury for Less; Meet the Creator Behind the Photo Blog Humans of New York
WN 10/12/15: Lottery Fraud Investigation Spans 3 States
Democrats get ready to debate in Las Vegas; Kelly Ripa gets her star in Hollywood.
GMA 10/12/15: Jason Rezaian Convicted by Iranian Court
Allegiant Plane Engine Catches on Fire; Driver Recalls His Truck Being Demolished by a Waterspout.
This Week 10/11/15: Who Will the Republicans Choose As the Next House Speaker?
Guests: Michael E. Leiter, Jason Chaffetz, Cokie Roberts, Mark Halperin, LZ Granderson, Reihan Salam
20/20 10/09/15: '#Unfriended'
Tennessee Woman Claims She's Victim of Online Threats to Her Life; Young Couple Found Murdered With Baby Alive, Covered in...
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