The NSA Is Likely 'Hacking Back' Russia's Cyber Squads
Head of NSA's elite hacking squad says they infiltrate other hackers' networks.
Pope to Young: Try Politics, Activism; Don't Be Couch Potato
Pope Francis challenged hundreds of thousands of young people, many of them camped out for hours in a Polish meadow to see...
The Latest: Organizers Say 1.6 Million at Event With Pope
Organizers of World Youth Day, a global Catholic celebration, say that 1.6 million attended an event with Pope Francis in a...
Fighting Between Rival Tuareg Groups Kills 6 in NE Mali
Fighting has broken out in northeastern Mali between a coalition of Tuareg rebels and a Tuareg group allied with the...
Putin Tests West's Sanctions Resolve on Visit to Slovenia
Russian President Vladimir Putin struck a conciliatory tone on his visit to the EU and NATO-member Slovenia, while testing...
Puerto Rico Towns to Share Services, Cut Costs Amid Crisis
Puerto Rico's governor has signed a bill letting the island's 78 municipal governments share administrative services as a...
Man in Belgium Charged With "Terrorist Murders" Attempt
A man in Belgium has been charged with attempting to commit "terrorist murders" and participating in a terror group and his...
Armenian Police Accuse Barricaded Gunmen of Killing Officer
Armenian police say armed members of an opposition group barricaded inside a police station in the capital shot an officer...
Syrian Civilians Begin Leaving Rebel-Held Parts of Aleppo
Syrian state media is reporting that dozens of families have started leaving besieged rebel-held neighborhoods in the...
Tunisian Lawmakers Hold No-Confidence Vote, PM Under Threat
Tunisia's parliament is holding a no-confidence vote that is expected to decide the fate of technocratic Prime Minister Habib...
Pope Francis Visits Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Meets Survivors
Pope Francis paid a somber visit to the site of the former Nazi Germnan death camp of Auschwitz in southern Poland on Friday.
Stolen Garden Gnome Reappears After Traveling to Mexico and Back
Bev York's roaming lawn decoration has quite a story to tell, and it's all in a book.
US Marine Horse Gets Posthumous Award
Sergeant Reckless, a U.S. Marine horse that fought in the Korean War, received a posthumous valor award in London this week.
Pope Francis Falls Down Before Mass in Poland
The 79-year-old pontiff fell to the ground after missing a step while approaching an open-air altar.
19 Killed in Stabbing Attack Near Tokyo
Some 19 people were killed and about 20 others were injured in a stabbing attack at a disabled living facility near Tokyo,...
Man Kills Woman With Machete in Germany
A Syrian man killed a woman with a machete and wounded two others Sunday outside a bus station in the southwestern German...
China Rolls out World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft
An official news agency says China has unveiled the world's largest amphibious aircraft that Beijing plans to use for marine...
GMA 07/30/16: Fans Get Ready for New Harry Potter Story
FBI Investigates Potential Hack of Clinton Campaign Computers; New Evidence Emerges in 15-Year-Old Washington DC Intern...
World News 07/29/16: The Presidential Race for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
Cop killer standoff in San Diego; Minnesota judge narrows down heirs to Prince's fortune.
This Week 07/24/16: Another Email Scandal Emerges Ahead of the Democratic National Convention
Guests: Robby Mook, Bernie Sanders, Paul Manafort, Matt Dowd, Donna Brazile, Keith Ellison, Tom Cole
Nightline 07/21/16: Donald Trump's Big Night Accepting GOP Nomination
Donald Trump, from Building an Empire to Presidential Nominee; Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Resigns
07/15/16: Answers For Annie
Virginia Teen Found Dead Behind Dumpster in Baltimore; Parents Determined to Find Answers in Daughter's Mysterious Death