Group Hopes to Reunite Lost Cat With Refugee Family
The family was forced to leave the cat behind after he escaped.
The Latest: Pope Urges Making Mexico 'Land of Opportunity'
Pope Francis is urging Mexicans to make the country into a land of opportunity, not a place of emigration where young people...
Brazil's Zika-Related Abortion Debate Sparks Backlash
In Zika-struck Brazil, a debate over whether to loosen the country's strict abortion laws has sparked a backlash from the...
Love in the Time of Militias: Valentine's Day in Iraq
Baghdad is plastered with Valentine hearts and roses, and newly engaged Nour and Ahmed are out and about, enjoying a rare...
Pope Warns Against Devil in Hardscrabble Mexico City Suburb
Hundreds of thousands of people have gathered for the biggest event of Pope Francis' five-day trip to Mexico, a Mass in the...
Central African Republic Voters Seek Leader to End Chaos
Central African Republic goes ahead with a presidential runoff vote that many hope will solidify a tentative peace after more...
Memorial Service Held for Victims of Train Crash in Germany
Hundreds of mourners have gathered at a memorial service for the 11 victims who died in a head-on train crash in southern...
UAE Sentences 4 to Death for Islamic State Involvement
A court in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced 4 people to death in absentia after finding them guilty of involvement with...
Saudi Arabia and Allies Gather for Major Military Exercises
Saudi Arabia says troops from 20 countries are gathering in the oil-rich nation for large-scale military exercises
Trial Under Way in $100 Million Lawsuit Against Venezuela
A federal trial over a $100 million investors' lawsuit against Venezuela includes allegations of fraud, hints of an...
Florists Heartbroken as Pakistan Spurns Valentine's Day
Flower shops in Pakistan were largely empty over the weekend after officials and religious leaders condemned Valentine's Day...
British Soldier Says He's 'Not a Hero' After He Trips Fleeing Suspect
Lance Sgt. Matt Lawson decided to "buy the lads a few seconds" when he saw three officers chasing a suspect.
Video Purportedly Shows North Korea's Latest Rocket Launch
North Korean media broadcast footage of Kim Jong Un visiting the launch site in Pyongyang.
Former Nazi Guard, 94, on Trial for Auschwitz Deaths
Reinhold Manning has been charged with being an accessory to 170,000 murders at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
Russian Government Demolishes Kiosks
Moscow's city government took down the 100 shops overnight.
Man Clings to Sinking Boat in Turkish Coast Guard Rescue
The migrant was found atop an almost fully-submerged boat by members of the Turkish coast guard.
Indian Scientists Study Possible Death by Meteorite
Authorities say the victim was standing in close proximity to where the falling object landed.
Hong Kong 'Fish Ball Revolution' Erupts in Violent Crackdown
Violent clashes erupted overnight in Hong Kong after protesters defended unlicensed food vendors, set up for Chinese New Year...
2 Trains Collide in Germany, 8 Dead, at Least 100 Injured
Two morning commuter trains have collided in Bad Aibling in southern Germany, killing eight people and injuring more than 100...
China's Extreme Fireworks Are Beautifully Dangerous
At the edge of China's coal country, there is a traditional pyrotechnic display so unique and dangerous that it is still only...
Suspected Bomb Hand-Off Caught on Camera
Somali authorities release video of what they believe is a bomb-packed laptop being handed to a passenger before the...
This Week 02/14/16: Presidential Candidates React to Antonin Scalia's Death
Guests: Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Bernie Sanders, Charles Schumer, Matt Dowd, Cokie Roberts, Bill...
2020 02/13/2016: FLDS: A House Divided
Mom Struggles to Extract Kids From the Grip of FLDS; How Woman Was Finally Able to Escape FLDS Community
02/13/16: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Dies at Age 79
Deadly Whiteout Causes Massive Pile-Up on PA Interstate 78; GOP Candidates Set to Take Debate Stage in South Carolina
GMA 02/13/16: Dangerous Cold Hits the Northeast
Federal Agencies Investigating Playing Turf; Democrat Battle Heads West.
Nightline 02/12/16: Why Columbine Killer's Mother Sue Klebold Came Forward
Why Columbine Killer's Mother Sue Klebold Came Forward; How Columbine Killers Dylan Klebold, Eric Harris Were Different