Prince William, Kate Middleton Staying in UK After Wedding
the Royal Couple postpone their honeymoon.
Top 8 Moments of the Royal Wedding
Take a minute to revisit the hats, the dress and the kiss -- twice.
A Royal Affair: Traditional British Brunch
Indulge in classic dishes for Will and Kate's wedding.
Royal Wedding: Host a Traditional British Supper
Indulge in classic dishes for Will and Kate's wedding.
Recipe: Anton Mosimann's Risotto Ai Funghi
Princess Diana named this dish a personal favorite. Give it a try tonight.
Recipe: Anton Mosimann's Caesar Salad
Try This Royal Favorite
Nick Watt's Mum's Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Give This Royal Favorite a Try
Stephanie O'Dea's Shepherd's Pie
Slow-cook your way to a perfect English dish.
William and Kate's Balcony Kiss
Balcony of Buckingham Palace has history of introducing royal couples to Brits.
The Royal Couple's Sports-Car Spin
Prince William and Kate Middleton depart Buckingham Palace in an Aston Martin.
Kate Middleton's Bridal Party Arrives
Pippa Middleton arrives at Westminster Abbey with bridesmaids and pages.
Prince William, Prince Harry Arrive
The groom and best man arrive at Westminster Abbey.
Queen Elizabeth Arrives
The Queen comes to Westminster Abbey for her Grandson's wedding.
Royal Wedding: Buckingham's Iconic Balcony
Royalty has long shared moments with Brits from the Buckingham Palace balcony.
Diana and Kate: Two Princesses
A look at two women who joined the royal family.
Royal Wedding: History of Westminster Abbey
Barbara Walters reports on all the great occasions at Westminster Abbey.
Royal Wedding: Crowd Camping Out
David Muir is with the crowds of fans waiting to see the prince and his bride.
Royal Wedding: Will and Kate Through the Years
"GMA" compiled photos and video of the young couple's days before the wedding.
Royal Wedding: From Commoner to Princess
Katie Nicholl explains how Kate Middleton ended up marrying into royalty.
Royal Wedding: Diana's Chef Prepares Feast
Anton Mosiman explains to Nick Watt efforts required to prepare a royal feast.
Royal Wedding: Proper Dress Attire
Nick Watt and Bianna Golodryga on appropriate outfits for the royal wedding.
WEDDING ROYALE: Survival Guide
11 things to know about Prince William's and Kate Middleton's big day.
10 things you didn't know about Prince William and Kate Middleton.
A numerical guide to Prince William's and Kate Middleton's nuptials.
Wedding Royale: Bad Day for Will and Kate?
What could go wrong on Prince William's and Kate Middleton's wedding day?
WEDDING ROYALE: Cashing In on Will and Kate
From tasteful to tacky, Royal Wedding souvenirs make for big business.
WEDDING ROYALE: Royal Wedding Overkill?
Is too much fuss being made over Prince William and Kate Middleton?
WEDDING ROYALE: Kate Middleton's Name Game
The bride-to-be is getting a new title, but what will be her last name?
WEDDING ROYALE: How to Be a Princess
Kate Middleton wannabes enroll in Princess Prep.
WEDDING ROYALE: Is Kate Middleton the New Diana?
The princess-to-be takes on the legacy that Diana left behind.
WEDDING ROYALE: The (Future) King's Speech
Prince William and Kate Middleton say good riddance to posh talking.
WEDDING ROYALE: Why Kate Middleton's Called Common
After the wedding, Kate Middleton will trade middle-class status for monarchy.
WEDDING ROYALE: Kate Middleton the Fashion Queen
"Off the rack" fashions make Kate Middleton a relatable style star.
Kate Middleton Arrives At Goring Hotel on Eve of Wedding
See where Kate Middleton will spend her last night as a commoner.
The Many Hats of Kate Middleton
The princess-to-be has a penchant for hats.
Kate's Dress Mystery: What Will The Princess Wear?
Fashion designers sketch their visions for the fairytale dress.
Royal Wedding Cake Sketches
Wedding cake designs for Prince Will and Kate's royal wedding.
Royal Wedding Shoe Sketches
Designers Share Footwear Ideas For William and Kate
Royal Headlines: Tragedy and Triumph
A look at England's royal family through the years.
Hot, Rich and Royal: World's Most Eligible Princes
Kate Middleton snagged a royal man and there are still plenty princes available.
Kate Middleton Looks Racy at Visit to America's Cup
The life and times of the Duchess of Cambridge.
The Many Coats of Kate Middleton
Future Princess Bundles Up in Oodles of Outerwear
Alice Temperley: Designs Fit for the Middleton Women?
Pippa Middleton Spotted with Designer, Sparking Royal Wedding Dress Rumors
Sarah Burton: Designs Fit For a Princess?
Perhaps Kate Middleton will wear something similar on April 29.
Kate & William: A Very Public Love Story
A portrayal of the royal love story through comic illustrations.
London Hotspots for the Royal Couple
Where does the princess to be, Kate Middleton, hang out in London?
William and Harry's Sport of Kings
William and Harry have played polo since they were very young.
Kate Middleton Through the Years
A look back through the life and family of Prince William's bride-to-be.
William and Kate: The College Years
A look back at the start of Prince William and Kate Middleton's romance.