Pentagon Releases Photos of Alleged Detainee Abuse by US in Iraq, Afghanistan
The photos were taken as part of an investigation into allegations of abuse.
Haiti Leader Departs as He Came: Amid Uncertainty, Disorder
Michel Martelly is leaving the Haitian presidency with a very mixed legacy, another electoral crisis and stability as elusive...
AP NewsBreak: Deal Reached on Provisional Haiti Government
An official with the Organization of American States tells The Associated Press that top Haitian leaders have reached an...
After-Hours Visit to Calgary Bobsled Track Leads to 2 Deaths
Police say 2 young men died and six others were injured after using their personal sled/toboggan to go down a luge-bobsled...
Militants Free Australian Woman Kidnapped in Burkina Faso
Militants have freed an Australian woman kidnapped last month in northern Burkina Faso
Seoul: N. Korea Moves up Rocket Launch Window
Neighbors begin vigilant watch as North Korea long-range rocket launch window opens
Militants Free Australian Woman Kidnapped in Burkina Faso
A spokesman for Niger's president says an Australian woman kidnapped last month in northern Burkina Faso has been freed
El Salvador Arrests 4 Ex-Soldiers in Massacre of Jesuits
Salvadoran police say they've arrested four former soldiers wanted in Spain for the 1989 murder of six Jesuit priests in the...
3 People Dead After Toronto Fire in Seniors' Building
Police say 3 people are dead, and 15 others are hospitalized for various injuries following fire at seniors' building in...
Jewish Group Condemns Far-Right WWII Remembrance in Hungary
The Simon Wiesenthal Center has condemned a far-right commemoration in Hungary of a World War II battle at which speakers...
Somali Officials: Suicide Bomber May Have Blown Hole in Jet
A suicide bomber is suspected to have set off the explosive that blew a hole in a jetliner, sucked the man out of the plane...
Eye-Catching Footage Shows Volcano Eruption in Japan
Lightning-like flashes were captured during the eruption on Japan's southern island of Kyushu.
Astronauts Train for Crash Landing in Remote, Winter Environment
The team of men -- American, Russian and Japanese -- remind us how much international cooperation can accomplish.
A Madaya School Is Shelled
A Madaya student asks for stationery before a shell lands in her school. ABC News cannot independently verify this video. It...
Video Captures Close Call Involving Lightning in Australia
Two men narrowly avoided a lightning strike while filming a thunderstorm in Sydney's Oyster Bay.
Locusts Fly Over Argentina Farms
Swarms of locusts have been infesting Argentina since July 2015 and the situation has only gotten worse.
Locusts Swarm Farms in Argentina
So far, there have been over 100 outbreaks of locusts across Argentina in January.
GMA 02/06/16: Johnny Manziel to Be Investigated for Domestic Violence
Republicans Prepare to Debate Ahead of New Hampshire Primary; Super Bowl Foods Don't Have to Be Gluttonous
02/05/16: How Virginia Tech Students Allegedly Plotted 13-Year-Old Girl's Murder
Super Bowl 50: What It Takes to Make a Super Bowl Ad; ABC News New Hampshire Republican Debate: Look Ahead
20/20 02/05/16: A Dangerous Intersection
An encounter in traffic during a driving lesson leads to a shootout and the death of Tammy Meyers.
WN 02/05/16: Deadly Crane Collapse in NYC
Down to the wire for presidential candidates in New Hampshire; Elton John's special gift to commuters.
This Week 01/31/16: The Iowa Caucus Kicks-Off Primary Process
Guests: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Donna Brazile, Matt Dowd, Alex Castellanos, Katrina vanden Heuvel