Pope Francis Falls During Mass in Poland
The incident happened during Holy Mass at Poland's holiest shrine of Jasna Gora.
The Latest: Woman at Mass Went Into Labor, Taken to Hospital
A woman attending the Mass celebrated by Pope Francis had to leave early _ when she went into labor
The Latest: UN: All Sides in Aleppo Must Guarantee Corridors
The U.N. humanitarian chief says the Russian proposal for humanitarian corridors in Aleppo must be guaranteed by all parties...
Russia, Syria Blockade Aleppo, Offer Corridors Out
After months of fighting to encircle its opponents in Aleppo, Syrian authorities backed by Russia are offering corridors out...
Toronto Police Officer Sentenced to 6 Years in Teen Shooting
A Toronto police officer has been sentenced to six years in the shooting death of a teen on a streetcar in a case that...
Syria Nusra Front Leader Claims No More Ties With Al-Qaida
Leader of Syria's Nusra Front says his group is changing name, claims no more ties with al-Qaida
Refugees Block Road in Greece Seeking Better Health Services
Greek police say about a hundred refugees have briefly blocked a key road in the northern city of Thessaloniki, demanding...
Mexico Drug Lord in DEA Agent's Killing Sent to House Arrest
A Mexican drug lord convicted in the killing of a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent has been transferred from prison...
Leader of Syria's Nusra Front Says His Group Is Changing Name, Claims No More Ties With Al-Qaida
Leader of Syria's Nusra Front says his group is changing name, claims no more ties with al-Qaida
Zimbabwe Police Detain Spokesman of Former Loyalist Group
Zimbabwe police detain spokesman of former loyalist group after sharp criticism of Mugabe
Italy Expels 2 Moroccans for Threatening Catholic Churches
Italy says it has expelled two Moroccans who caused disturbances in Catholic churches as part of a wider effort to reduce...
Pope Francis Falls Down Before Mass in Poland
The 79-year-old pontiff fell to the ground after missing a step while approaching an open-air altar.
19 Killed in Stabbing Attack Near Tokyo
Some 19 people were killed and about 20 others were injured in a stabbing attack at a disabled living facility near Tokyo,...
Man Kills Woman With Machete in Germany
A Syrian man killed a woman with a machete and wounded two others Sunday outside a bus station in the southwestern German...
China Rolls out World's Largest Amphibious Aircraft
An official news agency says China has unveiled the world's largest amphibious aircraft that Beijing plans to use for marine...
Duke University Student Recalls Witnessing Munich Mall Attack
In Germany for an internship, she says she feels lucky to be alive.
Several Dead and Wounded in Munich Mall Shooting
The suspect is at large, police spokeswoman Claudia Kunzel told ABC News.
Shots Fired at Shopping Mall in Munich
Authorities did not immediately confirm if there were any casualties.
NATO: The Basics
What you need to know about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
This Week 07/24/16: Another Email Scandal Emerges Ahead of the Democratic National Convention
Guests: Robby Mook, Bernie Sanders, Paul Manafort, Matt Dowd, Donna Brazile, Keith Ellison, Tom Cole
GMA 07/24/16: WikiLeaks Releases Democratic National Committee Emails
Democratic National Convention Week Preview; San Diego Comic-Con Celebrates Fierce Women
Nightline 07/21/16: Donald Trump's Big Night Accepting GOP Nomination
Donald Trump, from Building an Empire to Presidential Nominee; Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Resigns
07/15/16: Answers For Annie
Virginia Teen Found Dead Behind Dumpster in Baltimore; Parents Determined to Find Answers in Daughter's Mysterious Death