Feds Slam Shell for 'Inadequate Assessment of Risks' During Trip to Arctic
A new report is the latest to critique Shell's troubled history in the Arctic.
See the 4 Adorable Kittens Born in a Bird's Nest
The man said he found them after investigating "squawking" he heard in the tree.
Why Officials Pulverized 1,500 Pounds of Ivory
Carvings and tusks destroyed as a message to smugglers and elephant poachers.
Yemen Crisis a 'Humanitarian Catastrophe,' Experts Say
The Yemen crisis has developed into a "humanitarian catastrophe," experts say.
The Last Generation of China's Zipliners
Small Chinese village may have to give up centuries-old tradition.
Deadly Heatwave Melting Roads
The death toll from 113-degree heatwave in India surpasses 1,100.
Explosion Narrowly Avoided After Fire Engulfs Ship Carrying Fertilizer
The freighter was en route from the U.K. to Germany.
See Man's Body Covered With 1.1 Million Bees
He was stung over 2,000 times ... and survived, and set a world record.
Volcano Erupts in Galapagos -- but Wildlife Has Bigger Problems
Man-made threats pose far greater danger, experts say.
Rocket Grenades Kill 7 as Boko Haram Attacks Nigerian City
Rocket grenades hit homes, kill 7 as Boko Haram unleashes new violence on Maiduguri city
Heat Wave Eases in India After Killing Nearly 2,000 People
Weekslong summer heat wave eases in parts of southern India after killing nearly 2,000 people
After Pakistan Bus Attack, Worry an Insurgency Growing Worse
After Pakistan bus attacks kill 19, worries that Baluchistan insurgency becoming more violent
Activists Say Syrian Army Strikes Kill 45 People in Aleppo
Activists say Syrian army airstrikes kill at least 45 people in embattled Aleppo province
Merkel: Germany Didn't Lie Over Chances of US No-Spy Deal
Germany's Merkel rejects suggestion her govt lied in 2013 over chances of US no-spy deal
Italy: 4,200 More Migrants Saved off Libya's Coasts, 17 Die
Italy says 4,200 migrants rescued off Libyan coast from 22 boats; 17 found dead on 1 boat
US, Iran Accelerate Nuclear Talks a Month Before Deadline
Iran nuclear talks: Envoys meet amid questions over sanctions relief, inspections of sites
Egypt Frees US-Egyptian National Sentenced to Life in Prison
Egypt frees dual US-Egyptian national sentenced to life in prison over charges from sit-in
UN Rights Chief Urges Deeper Probe of Central Africa Abuses
UN rights chief: step up probes of alleged violations by foreign soldiers in Central Africa
McCain: US Should Allow Sale of Defensive Weapons to Vietnam
McCain: US should sell more defensive weapons to Vietnam in case of conflict with China
Rescues and More Flooding Fears in Texas; 1 WTC Observation Deck Opens; 70th Anniversary Couple Honored by World Leaders
More rescues and flooding fears in Texas; 1 World Trade Center observation deck opens to the public; couple celebrating 70th...
Sepp Blatter Survives
Sepp Blatter, the embattled of soccer's FIFA, was re-elected to a fifth term as president, despite the corruption scandal...
Judgment Day for Sepp Blatter
Soccer's world governing body, FIFA, begins elections today on who will lead the organization in the wake of a corruption...
Pataki Announces Presidential Bid; Oil Slicks Close California Beaches; 'Saved By the Bell' Dustin Diamond on Trial
Former NY Gov. George Pataki announces presidential bid; Suspected oil slicks close Southern California beaches; 'Saved By...
FIFA Officials Charged With Corruption
Six top-ranking FIFA officials arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, at their 5-star hotel, as the U.S indicts 14 individuals on...
See Man's Body Covered With 1.1 Million Bees
Wearing only his underpants, Gao Bingguo set a new Guinness World Record after he covered himself with almost 1.1 million...
: Houston Flooding: 3 Dead, More Rain Expected; Body found in New York Kayak Murder Case; Iraq Launches Operation Against ISIS
Houston floods: 3 dead and flash flood warnings in effect; Body found in New York kayak murder case; Iraq launches operation...
One World Trade Center's Triumphant Opening
Slashing vacation costs; former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's alleged $3.5 million secret.
GMA 05/29/15: Manhunt Ends in 50 Mile Car Chase
Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Indicted; James Holmes Admits Regrets in Psychiatric Interviews
Nightline 5/28/15: Generic Drugs, Once a Cheaper Option, Now Causing Sticker Shock
The Last Generation of China's Zipliners; How Vine Magician Pulls Off Epic Stunts
Nightline 05/27/15: How 'Free Range' Parents Charged With Child Neglect Launched New Parenting Debate
Going Through Breast Reduction Surgery as a Teenager; On the Town with Country Star Sam Hunt
This Week 05/24/15: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Emails Get Released
Guests: John Kasich, Mac Thornberry, Donna Brazile, S.E. Cupp, Rep. Keith Ellison, Bill Kristol
20/20 05/22/15: Who's Freeloading?
Worker's Compensation Fraudsters Caught Faking Injuries; Woman Discovers House Was Stolen in Real Estate Rip-Off; Police Nab...