Israelis, Palestinians Differ on Shooting After Teens Killed
The parents of two Palestinian siblings gunned down at a West Bank checkpoint say Israeli troops killed them without cause
US Couple Thought to Be Missing in Jamaica Found Safe
Jamaica authorities had been searching for the couple.
Biden Cites 'Serious' Progress Toward Defeating IS in Iraq
Vice President Joe Biden pressed Iraq on Thursday not to let its crippling political crisis upend hard-fought gains against...
South Korea: Suspected Midrange North Korean Missiles Fail
South Korean officials say North Korea has attempted unsuccessfully to launch two suspected powerful intermediate-range...
Rescuers Search for Missing in Deadly Guatemala Trash Slide
Hundreds of rescue workers are picking through a Guatemalan trash dump looking for bodies or possible survivors a day after a...
Casualties Mount From Bombardment in Syria's Largest City
Airstrikes and artillery have killed more than 60 people in Aleppo in the past 24 hours, including dozens at a hospital, as...
Egypt Tries to Divert Eyes to Citizen Who Died in London
Under scrutiny in Europe for its handling of the torture death of an Italian student in Cairo, Egyptian authorities seek to...
The Latest: Biden Visits Irbil, Iraq
Vice President Joe Biden is in Irbil, Iraq, for an unannounced visit to the capital of Iraq's mostly autonomous northern...
The Latest: US Says Attacks on Syria's Aleppo Were 'Immoral'
The United States is condemning airstrikes and shelling in Syria that killed dozens in the northern city of Aleppo in the...
Police: 80 People Arrested in Ontario in Child Porn Probe
Ontario police say they have arrested 80 people as part of a province-wide investigation into internet child porn
White House 'Appalled' by Airstrike at Aleppo Hospital
White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called the tactics "abhorrent" and "immoral."
Hospital Airstrike Kills Dozens in Aleppo, Humanitarian Group Says
Three children and the city's last pediatrician are among the dead.
Russia Launches First Rocket From New Spaceport to Vladimir Putin's Relief
The Soyuz rocket took off early this morning local time from the new launch site in the Amur region, close to the Chinese...
Hillsborough Victims Commemorated After Truth Finally Acknowledged
Criminal charges could be filed in England against authorities for the country's worst sports-related disaster.
UK's Royal Air Force Drops Largest Bombs Yet on ISIS
The strikes, which occurred April 21, targeted a large complex of tunnels and bunkers in the terraced hillsides above the...
ARCHIVAL VIDEO: Inside Chernobyl 5 Years Later
April 22, 1991: A look inside Chernobyl five years after the devastating disaster.
State Department 'Outraged' by Murder of US Embassy Worker in Bangladesh
State Dept. spokesperson condemns "brutal murder" of US Embassy worker in Bangladesh
US Embassy Worker Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
The U.S. State Department said it was outraged by the murder of Xulhaz Mannan, an activist for the LGBT community.
Irish Teen Creates High-Tech Sleeping Bag for the Homeless
Dublin charity runs workshops where the homeless learn the value of work by making sleeping bags. ABC News meets with the...
A Royal Handshake: Queen Elizabeth II and the American Presidents
The Queen of England meets American presidents through the years.
Nightline 04/27/16: Women Held Captive by Boko Haram Share Their Stories of Survival
Women Held Captive by Boko Haram Share Their Stories of Survival; How School Girl Escaped Being Kidnapped By Boko Haram
WN 04/27/16: Ted Cruz Picks Carly Fiorina as Running Mate
A Fall From Grace for the Former Speaker of the House; 200 Girls Kidnapped 2 Years Ago by Boko Haram Are Still Missing
GMA 04/27/16: Donald Trump Sweeps 5 Primary Contests
Superstars of the UFC Head to Times Square; How Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey Became 'Elvis & Nixon'
This Week 04/24/16: A More Presidential Trump?
Guests: Reince Priebus, Bernie Sanders, Terry McAuliffe, Ana Navarro, Bill Kristol, Jennifer Granholm, Katrina vanden Heuvel,...
20/20 04/22/16: Prince: The Legend, The Mystery.
Inside Prince's Final Days Before His Death; Prince's Private Life and the Women He Romanced; Prince and the Making of...