Olympic spectacle upstages menswear Fashion Week in Paris
It's rare that an event can upstage a top Paris Fashion Week show taking place in the French capital's ornate Grand Palais _...
Kids today: They don't work summer jobs the way they used to
Summer jobs are vanishing as US teens spend more time in school and just hanging out
No job? Tips for teens to fill idle summer time
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Take your yummy morning bowl of cereal on the road
Take your yummy morning bowl of cereal on the road with these cereal balls that need no cooking and can be made as healthy as...
5 people electrocuted in pool at water park in Turkey
Turkish media reports say five people, including two teenagers and a 12-year-old, were electrocuted at a water park pool in...
World's Ugliest Dog Contest awards underdogs' inner beauty
The World's Ugliest Dog Contest is celebrating the imperfections of man's best friend in California Friday
German parliament votes to annul gay men's convictions
German lawmakers have approved a plan to annul the convictions of thousands of gay men under a law criminalizing...
Summer of Slime: DIY goo takes over tweens' lives
Call this The Summer of Slime.
Summer vacation: Never mind the hike. Where's the hammock?
Never mind the hike. Where's the hammock? A new poll about summer travel finds the No. 1 thing people want to do on vacation...
Census: US more diverse, white population grows least
The U.S. Census Bureau says the nation is aging and becoming more ethnically diverse