DeVos tours Virginia school to stress needs of military kids
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is highlighting the need to help children of military families transition into new schools as...
Traditional, classic moments at Bridal Fashion Week
New York Bridal Fashion Week included a turn for some designers back to traditional white looks and classic touches
US students need more exposure to arts and music, test shows
American teenagers need more exposure to visual arts and music, according to the results of a national test
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Plant some history in your garden with heirloom plants
Heirloom plants are those that have been handed down from generation to generation as saved seeds or pieces of stems or roots
France's Le Pen says the people revolting against the elite
Far-right presidential contender Marine Le Pen says people are revolting against the elite and predicts that could translate...
Saudi novelist wins prestigious prize for Arab fiction
Saudi novelist wins what is considered to be the region's top literary award for Arab fiction