Octomom's Kids Record Christmas Song
PHOTO: Nadya Suleman, also known as "Octomom," rear center, poses with some of her children at their new home in Palmdale, Calif., Oct. 23, 2012.

Credit: Ron Siddle/AP Photo.

The Octomom has found another source of revenue: her kids. Nadya Suleman got five of her 14 kids - she's decided to call them the "Roctuplets" - to record a holiday song, which was released on iTunes and Amazon today.

"I'm Ready" features the kids' timid proclamations that they're ready for Christmas. The lyrics were penned by rapper Romeo Holloway, who performed at the octuplets birthday party in January, and include such lines as "Mama told me that Santa is coming. At school we love to watch. At school we love to learn."

Suleman's rep told that proceeds from the single will go towards a college trust that was set up for the 14 children.

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You'll probably be hearing more from the gang soon. Suleman's rep said the kids "have already recorded two more songs that will be coming out soon." Further singles "will depend on if the children want to do more," but the rep noted, "they had a lot of fun recording the songs."

Suleman was not present for the recording or video shoot. She remains in rehab at the Chapman House Treatment Center, where she checked in Oct. 23 to deal with "anxiety, exhaustion, and stress" stemming from an addiction to Xanax.

Suleman filed for bankruptcy earlier this year but came into new money after launching her adult film career. Last month, she gave the website Rumorfix a tour of her new, 5,000-square-foot Palmdale, Calif. home.

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