Trump expected to sign $1.3 trillion spending bill
Trump expected to sign $1.3 trillion spending bill
The Note's Must-Reads for Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Note's Must-Reads are a round-up of today's political headlines and stories from ABC News and the top U.S. newspapers. Posted Monday through Friday right here at

Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, and Carrie Halperin

GAZA / SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: The New York Times' Ethan Bronner: " U.S. Seeks Truce on Gaza as Enemies Step Up Attacks" Efforts to agree on a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas intensified, with help from Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, but the sides struggled to achieve even a brief pause in fighting. On the deadliest day of fighting in the week-old conflict, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived hurriedly in Jerusalem and met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to push for a truce. LINK

The Washington Post's Anne Gearan: " With Hillary Clinton's dash to Middle East, Obama signals a shift in his approach" President Obama's decision to send his top diplomat on an emergency Middle East peacemaking mission Tuesday marked an administration shift to a more activist role in the region's affairs and offered clues to how he may use the political elbow room afforded by a second term. The move could pay dividends quickly if Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton helps arrange an end to the conflict between Israel and Hamas. LINK

The Hill's Julian Pecquet: " Clinton vows to move Middle East toward 'comprehensive peace'" Secretary of State Hillary Clinton vowed to rekindle efforts to attain a "comprehensive peace" in the Middle East ahead of a meeting Tuesday evening with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Clinton arrived in Jerusalem late Tuesday to help broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas and avoid a ground invasion of the densely packed coastal strip. LINK

The Washington Times' Susan Crabtree: " Clinton in Mideast to stem Gaza conflict" The White House sent Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Jerusalem, Ramallah and Cairo Tuesday in an effort to quell the violent clashes between Israel and Hamas. The decision was made after a discussion between President Obama and Mrs. Clinton while both were still in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, for a summit with leaders of Southeast Asian nations. LINK

EPA: The Los Angeles Times' Neela Banerjee: " EPA administrator's email account raises concern" House Republican leaders and a watchdog group have asked the Environmental Protection Agency to respond to allegations that Administrator Lisa P. Jackson has been using a secret private email account to do official business, purportedly to shield correspondence from the reach of the Freedom of Information Act. LINK

GOP: Politico's Charles Mahtesian: " The GOP's diversity debacle" After an election in which Mitt Romney lost the black, Asian and Latino vote by landslide margins, the news just got worse for the Republican Party. With Florida GOP Rep. Allen West's concession Tuesday, the face of the GOP got a little whiter, ending an election season in which the already undersized contingent of black, Hispanic and Asian Republicans in Congress grew even smaller. LINK

2012 PRESIDENTIAL RACE: ABC News' Chris Good: " Obama Campaign Head Jim Messina Changing Gears" The man who ran President Obama's campaign spoke publicly for the first time since Election Day, declaring that he probably won't return to Obama's White House, where he worked for two years before the 2012 race began. "I'm gonna go to Italy and hang out," Messina told Politico's Mike Allen onstage at a breakfast event hosted by Politico in downtown Washington, D.C., divulging plans for a month-long vacation. LINK

The Boston Globe's Glen Johnson: " Romney has trouble eluding camera lenses in private life" Mitt Romney is trying to transition back to private life, but he keeps popping up on the Internet. TMZ has paparazzi-style shots today of the former Republican presidential candidate and his wife, Ann, walking back to a gleaming Audi Q7 after a workout. LINK

OTHER: USA Today's Catalina Camia: " Rand Paul 'interested' in 2016 presidential race" Like father, like son: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says he's interested in running for president in 2016. The Republican senator, a Tea Party favorite, didn't shy away when ABC's Jonathan Karl asked about his White House aspirations. LINK

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