Scott Kelly to Spend a Year in Space
PHOTO: NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, Expedition 25 flight engineer, is pictured in the Cupola of the International Space Station on Oct. 14, 2010.

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The 12 Days of Christmas Are Costly If one purchased all the items in the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas," it would cost $107,300, according to PNC Wealth Management. The price increased this year by 6 percent with the geese costing 30 percent more and the "swans a swimming" jumping 11 percent to $7,000.

Oprah's Cancer Scare Oprah Winfrey revealed that she had a breast cancer scare last month. She said she found a lump in her breast, but after a battery of tests doctors determined it was a false alarm.

Living in Space Scott Kelly, the identical twin brother of Gabrielle Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, will attempt to complete the longest spaceflight for an American. Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are scheduled to spend a year on the International Space Station starting in 2015. Both men have previously lived on the station for six months. The trip is designed to see how long periods of time in space affect the human body.

Image credit: NASA

Iceberg Dead Ahead A black and white photo of the iceberg that experts say the Titanic hit before it sank is up for auction. The photo was taken on April 12, 1912 - three days before the ship sank, killing 1,502 people.

RR Auction

Least Emotional People Singapore is the least emotional country in the world, according to a new Gallup poll. The study found that 36 percent of Singaporeans reported "feeling either positive or negative emotions … the lowest in the world." Georgia and Lithuania tied for the second least emotional countries and the Philippines took the top spot as the most emotional country.

'Floating Train' The next generation of high-speed trains has arrived in Japan. Central Japan Railway Co. unveiled a train that can travel at more than 310 miles per hour, according to the Telegraph. The train has no wheels and is known as the "floating train" because it uses magnetic levitation. It is scheduled to go into service in 2027.

Image credit: Kyodo

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