'Dark Knight' Gets Epic Lego Trailer
VIDEO: Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Trailer with Legos

Back in March, paranickfilmz took the second trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" and recreated it scene-for-scene on YouTube … completely out of Legos. The exceptionally well-done video rightfully scored a million views. It was the Lego trailer the Internet deserved. Now the Internet is getting the Lego trailer it needs.

This week the creative team of Paranickfilmz, JedimasterSoda and Adviceversas has returned with their follow-up, another faithful shot-for-shot "Dark Knight" trailer recreation that tackles the film's third and final trailer.

Months in the making, enjoy their vast city-scapes, artfully choreographed fight scenes and CGI explosions where Legos just couldn't provide the correct effect.

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