Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion Looks

Courtesy Rosie Pope Maternity

Kate Middleton arguably has the most famous baby bump in the world, which begs the question of what maternity fashions she'll wear while pregnant.

"Kate is going to look fabulous fashion-wise when she's pregnant," said Victoria Arbiter, ABC News' Royal contributor. "You can expect it to be very chic, very stylish, very trim."

Rosie Pope of Rosie Pope Maternity joined " Good Morning America" today to talk about four of the hottest maternity looks Kate is expected to favor during her pregnancy.

Tailored Dresses

Kate will continue her royal work while she's pregnant, health permitting, and she will turn to dresses she enjoyed before her pregnancy that are not too low-cut or form-fitting to her body. Pope said she will probably stay away from stretchy cotton, which can look too casual.


Pope recommends wearing jackets because pregnant women suffer from hot and cold flashes due to changing hormone levels. Slim-fitting jackets are best, creating a perfect silhouette even with enough space for the growing bump to show. This is where you can invest, as this key item in your wardrobe will last you well after the baby has arrived.


Pregnancy can be a very romantic time for many couples, and lace exemplifies this. Elegant, timeless and breathable fabric works best for dealing with hot flashes. A V-neck is flattering and draws attention to your face.


Kate has a fondness for plaid, part of the classically British prep look. Plaid creates an optical illusion of thinness as well, which is great for a growing bump.

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