CES 2013: Samsung Event - Live Blog

Samsung's Kevin Packingham at the CES 2012 press conference. (Getty)

LAS VEGAS - Today is the day before the first official first day of CES 2013. It's called press day. That means that thousands of journalists from around the world pile into large ballrooms to see companies from Netgear to Intel to Sony to Panasonic announce their biggest products.

Yes, there are a lot of news conferences here in Vegas today, but Samsung has notoriously held some of the most memorable events at the annual show. One year, it had circus dancers. Another it had a young child-creature named Zoll announce the products.

What does 2013 hold? We will only know for sure when the event starts at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET. You can tune in to our live blog below to get all the updates as they are happening. See you then!

Note: The updates in the CoverItLive module below will come through automatically when the event begins; no need to refresh the page. Just keep it locked here!

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