Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts in sexual assault retrial
Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts in sexual assault retrial
PM Note: NRA to Meet Joe Biden, Diane Sawyer and Gabbrielle Giffords, Remembering Richard Ben Cramer

Amy Walter's Copy

Remembering Richard Ben Cramer, Chronicler of Political Candidates- Indulge Amy Walter, please, as she joins many of her political colleagues in paying tribute to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Richard Ben Cramer, who died Monday at age 62. (Amy Walter)

Exclusive - Sawyer and Giffords - See Diane Sawyer's Interview with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly -

From Alyssa Newcomb and Lana Zak - "After she was gravely wounded by gunfire two years ago in Tucson, Ariz., former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, imagined a life out of the public eye, where she would continue therapy surrounded by the friends, family and the Arizona desert she loves so much.

"But after the slaughter of 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., last month, Giffords and Kelly knew they couldn't stay silent. "Enough," Giffords said.

"The couple marked the second anniversary of the Tucson shooting by sitting down with "Diane Sawyer to discuss their recent visit to Newtown and their new initiative to curb gun violence, "Americans for Responsible Solutions."

"After the shooting in Tucson, there was talk about addressing some of these issues, [and] again after [a movie theater massacre in] Aurora," Colo., Kelly said. "I'm hopeful that this time is different, and I think it is. Twenty first-graders' being murdered in their classrooms is a very personal thing for everybody."

Biden's Sked - Wednesday - Gun Control Advocates and Victims Groups Thursday - NRA, Sportsmen Advocates

The full wrap from Arlette Saenz -

Obama, Karzai to meet Friday on Afghan Transition- President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai will meet at the White House Friday to discuss the future of the U.S.-Afghan relationship as the Obama administration readies to draw down its remaining forces after more than a dozen years of war. (Mary Bruce and Luis Martinez)

Illinois House Passes Drivers Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants-The Illinois General Assembly passed legislation on Tuesday that would permit unauthorized immigrants to obtain temporary drivers licenses, clearing the way for Gov. Pat Quinn (D) to sign the bill into law. (Jordan Fabian)

John Brennan's 'Zero Dark Thirty' Problem - There's only one White House staffer portrayed in the new movie "Zero Dark Thirty," and it is someone described in the credits as "National Security Advisor."

'Breaking Bad' Actor Joining Albuquerque School Board-"Breaking Bad" actor Steven Michael Quezada wants to make a difference in the state that he and his show call home. (Josh Haskell)

Man Runs to DC From Maine for Charity- Gary Allen, an avid runner and Maine resident, is lacing up his sneakers in an attempt to run from Mount Desert Island to the nation's capital. (Jilian Fama)

Christie Accused of Praying for Sandy - Chris Christie Foe Claims Christie 'Prayed' for Superstorm Sandy-Hours before New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was scheduled to give his state of the state address Tuesday afternoon, a political opponent claimed the tough-talking governor "prayed and got lucky" that superstorm Sandy slammed into the Garden State and drove attention away from the New Jersey economy. (Shushannah Walshe)

AIG May Join Suit Over US Bailout-Saved from collapse by a massive bailout, the insurance company AIG is now considering joining a lawsuit against the government, which claims the terms were too harsh. The complaint says shareholders were cheated by the $182 million bailout, which included high interest rates and billions in payments to AIG's Wall Street clients. The New York Times reports the lawsuit was filed in 2011 by 87-year-old former CEO Maurice Greenberg, a major investor who ran AIG for more than four decades. (Richard Davies)

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