President Obama's Gun Control Initiatives: Will They Work?

Charles Dharapak/AP Photo


On Wednesday President Obama announced a new plan aimed at toughening gun laws in America. The plan consists of a series of legislative proposals and executive actions and it represents the biggest push for gun control in the nation in decades.

Many of you had questions about the specifics of the plan and what it will mean.

Michelle Kuhlman tweeted: "Everyone is talking about gun control for people buying guns, but what are the plans for all the black market guns?"

Kate Potter wrote in on Facebook: "I would like to hear more about the laws he mentioned concerning mental health."

Patti Maxfield asked: "The Constitution of the United States states that Americans have the right to bear arms. How is it that an Executive Order can violate our Constitution and be okay?"

And Alex M tweeted: "Will Pres give in now on debt ceiling/spending to garner support for gun control proposals?"

Thanks for the great questions. Please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook and be sure to tune in tomorrow morning on "Good Morning America" and Sunday on "This Week" where we'll have a lot more on this topic. I'll be speaking with the president's senior adviser David Plouffe on Sunday, and I'm also going to talk with the inaugural chair, Eva Longoria.

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