Obama Gets Down to Business After Speech

Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo

According to a White House official, President Obama will be getting down to business shortly after he delivers his second inaugural address, officially submitting the names of his nominees for the posts of CIA Director, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State and Secretary of the Treasury.

At the U.S. Capitol, the president is signing a proclamation entitled, "National Day of Hope and Resolve, 2013? to commemorate the inauguration. And he is making four nominations:

  • John Owen Brennan to be Director of the CIA
  • Charles Timothy Hagel to be Secretary of Defense
  • John Forbes Kerry to be Secretary of State
  • Jacob J. Lew to be Secretary of State

ABC's Devin Dwyer notes that four years ago, Obama signed a similar proclamation and sent nominations to the Senate. This occurs in the President's Room, just off the Senate chamber, immediately following the address.

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