Cop Proposes With 'Cinderella' Cast
PHOTO: The Broadway cast of Cinderella host a wedding proposal by NYPD sergeant Alan Chau, on stage at the Broadway Theatre, Jan. 28, 2013.

(Walter McBride)

A New York woman got her own fairy tale ending during a performance of Broadway's "Cinderella."

Maria Roca's boyfriend of almost five years, Alan Chau, took a nervous Roca on stage after the cast took their final bows Monday night and popped the big question.

The cast of "Cinderella" and the entire audience cheered Chau on as he got down on one knee. The couple's family and friends sat in the balcony with signs that read "Will you marry me?"

"Babe, I brought you here because I love you very much and we have two beautiful kids together," Chau, 30, said. "I want to share this with everybody and our friends up there."

Roca, of Queens, N.Y., said yes and Chau placed the sparkler on her finger before the couple had their own fairy tale ending kiss. The entire cast of "Cinderella" then serenaded them as the audience gave a standing ovation. Audience members all over the theater were crying as they watched the romantic proposal, "Cinderella" producer Jill Furman told

"It's a perfect setting. It was magical and lovely and delightful. I think everyone in the audience as well as the cast were just really happy to just be able to share in that moment," Furman said.

Chau, a police officer with the New York Police Department, was saving up for an engagement ring when Roca told him she wanted to see "Cinderella," he said in an interview with "Cinderella" producers after the show. He was trying to come up with a creative way to pop the question when he read about the free "royal proposals" on the show's website. Chau's proposal is the first of many the show hopes to hold, Furman said.

Chau finally bought tickets for the show as a birthday gift for Roca, who works at Department of Environmental Protection and turns 29 next week. The couple went to dinner beforehand and were running late so Chau was afraid they would run into one of their friends on the way there.

"I had to text everybody a mass text, 'Don't come, don't come yet!"' Chau said. "I had to make sure she used the bathroom and everything so she don't see nobody."

But Roca had no idea their friends were in the audience and was completely surprised by the proposal, she said. The couple hope to tie the knot sometime next year.

When asked if she felt like a real life Cinderella, Roca said with a smile, "Yes, I did."

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