Immigration Reform: The Devil Is in the Details

ABC News

Immigration reform has been at the top of the agenda in Washington, D.C. this week, both in Congress and in the Obama administration. On Monday a bipartisan group of eight Senators introduced a plan for reform, and on Tuesday President Obama presented his own plan, similar to the Senate's proposal, in a speech in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Many of you had questions about the details of the plans. Stephen D. Spurlock wanted to know: will the 11 million plus illegal's have to register, get a social security number, pay taxes in order to comply?

Sandy Abraham Stafford wrote in on Facebook: Is there a time frame if immigrants are interested in becoming a citizen to set up the beginning of the process?

And John Cleeveley tweeted: What border controls will the president support?

Thank you for all of the great questions, and please keep them coming on Twitter and on Facebook. We'll talk a lot more about immigration reform this Sunday on "This Week." My exclusive guest for the program is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and the show will also include a powerhouse roundtable. And don't forget to tune in to "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning.

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