Teen Braves School Return After Attack

A Florida teen is returning to school just days after another teenage girl attacked her on the bus and posted the beating on Facebook and other social media websites.

Chase Cristia, 16, was sitting in the back of her school bus last Friday when a 17-year-old girl came to her seat and began beating her while another student videotaped.

"Nobody was doing anything so she was just, like, hitting me, and it just felt like it was on and on and on," Cristia told ABC News' Tampa affiliate WFTS.

The video shows Cristia being hit more than 10 times on her head and shoulders.

"The victim never struck back but tried to cover herself with her arms from the defendant," according to a Pasco County Police report. "The entire incident was captured on video. The defendant did admit to striking the victim multiple times."

Cristia told police it was her sticking up for a friend that led to the attack.

"One of the defendants and the victims were engaged in a conversation where one of the defendants had mentioned something about one of the victim's friend's weight and the victim basically stood up for her friend saying, 'We're mature. Maybe we shouldn't talk about this to this extent,'" Pasco Sheriff's Office Officer Doug Tobin told

Tobin said that it was after this that threats allegedly started being made at school against Cristia.

When Cristia got home and told her mother what had happened, her mom, Tracy Cristia, called 911. The teen who attacked Cristia was arrested and charged with battery and the teen who videotaped the attack was also arrested and charged as a principal to the beating.

"I would like to see these girls removed from her school because I'm scared for her," Tracy Cristia told WFTS.

Police said the attacking teen "did conspire with the co-defendant to batter the victim."

"The defendant numerous times through the day told the co-defendant that the victim was 'talking crap' and she should 'beat her a**,'" the police report said.

The co-defendant ultimately agreed to videotape the fight and posted it on numerous social media websites, including Facebook.

All three teens are students at J. W. Mitchell High School in Trinity, Fla. The girl who attacked Cristia and the girl who taped the incident have all been suspended for at least 10 days.

Cristia said she received a Facebook apology from the girl who attacked her that said, "I'm sorry. I am so sorry, Chase."

"I'll be able to forgive her later on, but not now," she said. "I'm going back to school and I'm kind of nervous. … People shouldn't be going through what I have gone through."

Cristia's principal assured her that she would have support at school.

"She'll be able to put some of those fears to rest," Principal Jim Michaels told WFTS. "I think we have a very empathetic school community and they don't tolerate these kinds of things."

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