Teen Apologizes to Judge for F-Bomb
VIDEO: Penelope Sotos apology for courtroom behavior leads judge to drop her 30-day jail sentence.

The teen that told a Miami judge, "F*** you," earlier this week was back in court today - this time with a much different attitude.

There was no giggling from Penelope Soto the second time she appeared before Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat. Instead, Soto, 18, was contrite and explained that she "doesn't normally talk like that."

"My behavior was very irrational. I apologize to not only you, but my family," Soto said as she began to tear up.

"It is really unacceptable to use that type of profanity in any court," Rodriguez-Chomat said. "I hope you have learned that lesson."

Rodriguez-Chomat decided to vacate the judgement of contempt on Soto, stating that "the defendant is a 1st time offender," and "has admitted that she has a drug addiction." With this vacation of contempt, the remainder of Soto's 30-day jail sentence is also lifted.

The original back-and-forth that erupted into Soto's profane exposition occurred in court Monday.

Soto, stroking her hair and grinning, told Rodriguez-Chomat that her jewelry was "worth a lot of money… like Rick Ross," when she was asked about the value of any property owned.

Rodriguez-Chomat told her to be serious, saying, "We are not in a club."

When Soto was dismissed, she replied with a sassy "adios," to which Rodriguez-Chomat responded by increasing her bond amount from $5,000 to $10,000.

It was then that Soto muttered "F*** you" and made a crude gesture involving her middle finger.

Image credit: ABC News

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