PM Note: Cokie Roberts on American Catholics and the Pope, The Govs. Moonbeam and Oops, The Nuge to Hit #SOTU

John Parkinson Tweets - This is one of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen in DC. Stunning.

Cool Infographic - Reagan said "peace" 74 times in State of the Union addresses. Obama used it 5. Clinton and Obama said "debt" 38 times. Reagan and the two Bush's combine for a total 19. Bill Clinton's speeches ran a combined 58,000 words. Reagan's ran about 32,000 - (Rosenzweig, Griffin, Wiersama)

Read This - Cokie Roberts on how she ended up in a limo with George W. Bush and Pope Benedict (and how little the selection of a new pope will affect the lives of even Catholic Americans even as they stay rapt on the succession process) -

Cokie: The pronouncements of the Vatican on matters like birth control, gay marriage and divorce are widely ignored by American Catholics even as they go regularly to Mass and Communion.

The pope might be popular-74 percent of American Catholics said they were satisfied with Benedict's leadership in a Pew Research survey last year-but he's not heeded. And, by the way, in that same survey 83 percent said they were satisfied with the leadership of Catholic nuns, the group the pope landed on last year, giving further evidence that his views are irrelevant to many.

So, though all of the heated speculation about Benedict's successor will be interesting, the choice of the next pope will probably mean little if anything to the daily lives of lay Catholics, who will go on believing what they want to believe, further eroding the moral authority of the pope. Unless of course the Holy Spirit surprises us and guides the cardinals to choose someone who is once again ready to open the windows of the church to let in the fresh air, as John XXIII did when he called the Second Vatican Council. That seems highly unlikely, but who knows-sometimes prayers are answered.

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