George: I Love Ali More Than Politics

Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Bottom Line

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday President Obama rolled out a series of new policy proposals covering a range of both economic and social issues. Many of you had questions about the details of these policies- how they would work, what they would cost and what is the political outlook for these proposals in the Congress?

Patricia Shaw tweeted: How long would it take to increase federal minimum wage? Would this cause wages to increase across the board?

Kerry Wargo wrote in on Facebook: I am interested in his idea to make preschool available to all children. I would like to know more specifics on this. It's a great idea. Thanks!

And Tootsie Lamere sent me a question fitting for Valentine's Day. She asked: What's it like living with a comedian since you are so serious? Does she take some of the edge off the political monotony?

Thanks for the great questions everyone, and please keep them coming on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to tune in to "Good Morning America" tomorrow morning, and "This Week" on Sunday where we'll talk a lot more about Obama's State of the Union address. Happy Valentine's Day.

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