Stuart Stevens: Republican Party Does Not Have a 140 Character Problem
PHOTO: Romney 2012 Campaign Senior Adviser Stuart Stevens on This Week.

ABC News

Stevens states GOP does not have a 140 character problem

STEVENS: Listen, I don't think - it would be a great mistake if we felt that technology in itself is going to save the Republican Party. Technology is something to a large degree you can go out and purchase and if we think there's an off the shelf solution that you can go out and purchase for the Republican Party, it's wrong.

You know, we've had a lot of chance now since the campaign to spend time with the Obama folks and sometimes they had better technology, some cases we have better technology. We don't have 140 character problem in the Republican Party. We have a larger problem that we have to look at and be patient about it. And trying to think that there's one solution like this, I just don't think…

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