Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized with blood infection
Former President George H.W. Bush hospitalized with blood infection
App of the Week: Fanhattan
PHOTO: Fanhattan gives users the ability to find all of the movies and TV shows they want to watch across several entertainment apps and platforms, such as Netfilx, Hulu Plus and iTunes.

Image credit: Fanhattan

App Name: Fanhattan

Price: Free

Available Platforms: iPhone, iPad

What does this app do? Hulu, Amazon, Netflix-there are a lot of services out there providing viewers with TV and movie content. But how do you know which ones carry this year's Oscar nominated films, or the latest episode of Homeland?

Fanhattan attempts to resolve this with an iOS app that aggregates entertainment apps allowing users to search for movie and TV content across a variety of free and premium providers in one spot. The San Mateo, Calif.-based company launched a beta web service, this week adding to its list of providers and available titles.

Within the Fanhattan app, users can create "WatchLists" and view films and episodes from their mobile device and the web. From the home screen, choose between "Movies" and "TV" to begin searching titles. Select the "Movies" tab, for example, and search by categories such as genre, featured films, and Oscar nominees. Once you select a title, Fanhattan provides a list of apps and web services that can play the title you've selected, such as ABC's Player app or Hulu Plus, as well as icons indicating whether your selection is free or if you need to buy it.

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In addition, the app will display a plot summary of your choice as well as options to read reviews, view clips, and find similar films and shows. Users can add films not yet released in theaters to their watch lists. Fanhattan will send notifications when a particular film is out as well as a link to Fandango, a movie ticket buying service, so you can purchase tickets as soon as the film is released.

Is it easy to set up? Yes, once you download the app, sign in or create an account. From there, start browsing titles.

Should I try it? Fanhattan crams a lot of information into one app with a variety of options by which to search. With categories ranging from "Genre" to "Streaming" to a feature called "Smart Browse," navigating the app can be overwhelming at first. However, with over a million titles across dozens of services, Fanhattan works hard to help you organize your "must watch" list.

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