Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Family, New Film, 'Stoker'

ABC News' Brian O'Keefe reports:

Nicole Kidman describes her new film, "Stoker," as a stylized fairy-tale horror thriller. What was also unusual about this movie, Kidman's 44 th, was that the director, Park Chan-Wook, speaks no English.

Asked about how the subtlety and nuance of the actor-director relationship would come through in the absence of a shared language, Kidman described the process.

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"It comes through telepathically, in a way, which sounds really weird, but I suppose acting is a bit weird," she said, laughing. "Filmmaking's a bit weird. But it does, yeah. It does … because you have really deep conversations about the character and about the story. And then you start to get in their heads. And that's your job as an actor, is to kind of penetrate the mind of the director and, hopefully, start to read his thoughts."

Kidman, who is married to country music star and "American Idol" judge Keith Urban, sat down with "Good Morning America"'s Josh Elliott for an interview about her newest project. The interview aired on "GMA" today.

Kidman, 45, and Urban have two young daughters, Sunday and Faith. The family has made its home in Nashville, Tenn.

She initially said she couldn't do "Stoker" because she didn't want to leave her family.

"My family obviously is my priority … so I couldn't be away," she said. "And they said, 'Well, if we came to Nashville, do you think you could do it then?' And I said, 'Yes, I could, actually, and it would suit the film.'"

Nashville is the nerve center of country music, and Kidman said living there gives her incredible peace of mind. She described Nashville as having a "strong artistic vibe to it."

Urban and Sunday were nearby while Kidman did the interview with "GMA," but they were not interviewed - although Urban did offer a "Love you, baby," for his wife from off-camera.

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Asked how her family has affected her career, she replied: "At times, it's made me miss out on things, which is fine because I'm going to be, I hope, please God, I'm going to be, you know, in my 80s and have my grandchildren and my husband.

"That's going to all be there and intact," she said. "And any other thing that comes into that is icing on the cake. But that's what I'm committed to, ultimately."

Kidman appears in "Stoker" with Mia Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Dermot Mulroney and Jacki Weaver. The film opens March 1.

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