Tori Spelling Pens Open Letter Denying Star Magazine's Divorce Story

Actress Tori Spelling has vehemently denied a tabloid magazine's reports that she is splitting from her husband, Dean McDermott.

Spelling, 39, took to her blog to pen an open letter to Star Magazine. The cover story headline on the magazine's cover claimed she and her husband, 46, were splitting and that McDermott taunted her over her weight, was obsessed with porn and had been unfaithful.

"You want to make inaccurate low blows at someone Star? Go for me! I can handle it. I always have," she wrote in the letter posted on her website Thursday. "But don't do it to a man that has done nothing but loved me and our children. He has stood by me during the good times and held my hand through the darkest moments of my life. I'm so blessed to have him as my partner in life and love and he is the best father to our four children … What kind of society have we become where love stories and fairytales are dead? That others' failure is what people crave and what sells? That's not the world I want my children growing up in."

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Spelling wrote that she was in a grocery store with her children when her oldest child, 5-year-old son Liam, spotted the offending cover.

Liam, who is learning to read, was able to sound out the word "Divorce" and then read a smaller headline that asked "Who will get the kids?"

"He became terrified," Spelling said, describing her son's reaction. "I had to hurry him and his confused 4-year-old sister Stella out of the grocery store and into our car. By the time he was fastening himself into his car seat he was asking, 'Why is someone getting us?? Where are you and Dad going?'"

She reassured her children that the headline wasn't true.

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"Driving home I repeatedly told my children, 'That magazine doesn't know us. Daddy and I are very happy and in love. There will be no divorce and all of us will remain together as a family'. Stella, my literal one, just kept saying 'But then why is it on the magazine? Magazines are true.' I wish that were always the case," Spelling added.

Carlos Greer of People magazine said, "A lot of celebrities, they have to react, especially when it comes to their children, and she feels like she's being attacked. I think this is a very honest reaction from Tori."

More than 200 supportive fans had responded to Spelling's post Sunday night.

"Well said. You are a class act," wrote one fan.

Another added: "I am so sorry that your family has to go through this…as a parent, I can picture what it might be like to have to try and explain such a thing to your child. They have no right to cause your children confusion or pain. I wish they understood just how many of us are out there who DO love to read about love and successful marriages. In this day and time, marriages that last ARE news, and I am inspired by those that overcome adversity. Let this make you and your family stronger, and then the joke is on them."

Spelling is no stranger to being in the spotlight.

She is the daughter of the late, storied film and TV producer Aaron Spelling and his wife, Candy, and rose to fame in her own right when she starred in the hit prime time teen-drama "Beverly Hills: 90210."

In a December interview with ABC News' Cecilia Vega, Spelling described her life that includes being tracked by paparazzi.

"There's been times when my children, the flashes are really bright and they'll start screaming," she said. "I'll say, 'Please, you know, don't take pictures of them,' and they [paparazzi] don't respect those boundaries."

The "Craft Wars" host now owns an interior design store in California and, with McDermott and their family, stars in the reality-TV show "Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood" on Oxygen.

Spelling and McDermott have been married for seven years. In addition to Liam and Stella, they also have another son, Finn, and another daughter, Hattie.

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