Dad's Video of 'One Baby Band!' Sizzles

Babies love things that make noise and the Internet, apparently, loves babies making noise out of things that make noise.

Such explains the viral sensation that is " One Baby Band!," a one-minute video that has thousands of viewers saying, "Awww."

The video shows 10-month-old Quentin Angerone, dressed in onesie pajamas and sucking a pacifier, banging on everything from a guitar, toy drum and keyboard to a toy telephone. The magic behind the video is the way his father, Joey, edited it to turn it into "Q's first jam."

"I shot it with 10 different instruments and picked the five that sounded the best," Angerone, a freelance videographer and stay-at-home dad in Queens, N.Y., told

"I took a couple of hours to edit it and then uploaded it to YouTube and Vimeo, all done on the same day," he said.

Angerone, 32, said he shot the video on Feb. 12 at 6:30 a.m., the time of day when the then 9-month-old Quentin was at his most alert. He got the idea from a YouTube video he remembered of a guy playing drums and pulling together different pieces of different sounds.

Angerone's first thought was to make a video of himself doing something similar, but then he realized the cuteness sitting right in front of him.

"I knew it'd be cooler if he did it," Angerone said of his musically-inclined son. "He's just such a cute kid."

With a videographer father, Quentin has "had a camera in his face" since he was born, Angerone says, so when he and his wife, Kimberly, put the instruments in front of their son, he started playing right away.

"I put the keyboard in front of him and he was banging on it and then the guitar and that's how it came together," Angerone said. "Our original idea was to change [his] outfits but it was going so well that I didn't want to mess it up."

Angerone had an audience in Quentin while he was editing the video too, and then a fan-for-life once the piece was done.

"He was sitting there the whole time…cracking up laughing and thought it was the funniest thing," Angerone said. "Now if I put it on he just sits and stares and starts laughing. He really loves looking at himself."

Fans of Quentin can look forward to an in-the-works second video, this one featuring a rock-and-roll theme, according to Angerone.

"The next one will have a black carpet, rock-and-roll attire, maybe sunglasses," he said. "We'll use a base guitar and electric guitar."

In the meantime, the 10-month-old, says his dad, sees every object as a musical opportunity waiting to happen.

"He thinks everything is a shaker," Angerone said. "We were in Home Depot and he was shaking boxes. He associates everything with that now."

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