Mila Kunis Helps Starstruck Reporter Interview Her
PHOTO: Mila Kunis attends the UK film premiere of  Oz: The Great and Powerful at the Empire Leicester Square, Feb. 28, 2013, in London.

Most men would be nervous talking to the beautiful Mila Kunis, but the Hollywood starlet showed she's as sweet as she looks when she helped an anxious reporter through an interview with her.

Kunis, who is promoting her new movie, "Oz the Great and Powerful," in London was being interviewed by starstruck rookie reporter Chris Stark from BBC radio. But the actress ended up interviewing Stark after he confessed that he was "petrified" and had "never done this before."

"They're just throwing you in the trenches," Kunis said, sympathetically.

After Stark asked Kunis his first question, she turned the tables and asked him, "How are you feeling? It's not that bad. It's not that scary. What about this is frightening?"

"It's a bit of an unnatural environment," Stark confessed about the press junket. "I'm used to being down at my local pub with the boys."

That got Kunis asking Stark about his favorite drink. "Jager bombs?" she exclaimed, as Stark explained how to make them. "That sounds like the worst drink - ever."

"You could come join us," Stark said. She agreed to possibly join him once she was feeling better.

Realizing that they were talking more about his "lads" than Kunis' movie, Stark suggested getting back to the questions.

"Why? This is way more fun for me," Kunis confessed. "This is the best interview I've had today."

Stark then went on to talk about his soccer club - and invited Kunis to a match - which would include steak-and-ale pie, and tossing down "a couple of pints."

The two never really did get to talking about Kunis' new movie, but when Kunis offered Stark some highlights, he interrupted her to ask her to go to a wedding.

"Well, I've gone to a Marine Ball," said Kunis, referring to her 2011 date with Marine Sgt. Scott Moore, who asked her out in a YouTube video. "So what's another? Apparently I just say yes to everything."

This time, though, Kunis had to politely decline. She will be working on the date of the wedding

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