Ronny Jackson withdraws as nominee for VA secretary
Ronny Jackson withdraws as nominee for VA secretary
PM Note: 'Peace is Possible', Reid Moves Gun Bill, Congress Funds Government, Senate Hopeful Eats Lion

Headline Award - "Lion-Eating Senate Hopeful Has Taste for Controversy" - (story by Sarah Parnass, headline by Calvin Lawrence)

Breaking Tonight -Sunlen Miller reports: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will move the Senate Democrats gun control legislation to the calendar, a move designed to set the Senate up to start working on the controversial legislation when they return from Recess on April 8 th. The bill will include a proposal for universal background check, a controversial measure that faces an uphill climb in the Senate. Democratic leadership aides say Reid is still is leaving the door open to replace the Judiciary Committee-reported background check language with a compromise package, should one emerge over the next few weeks. "I hope negotiations will continue over the upcoming break to reach a bipartisan compromise on background checks, and I am hopeful that they will succeed," Reid says, "If a compromise is reached, I am open to including it in the base bill. But I want to be clear: in order to be effective, any bill that passes the Senate must include background checks." Also included in the bill, will be straw purchasing and trafficking provisions, aides say.

How to Explain Cyprus to Your Kindergartner - Start with - "Cyprus. It's an island and a member of the EU, but it's also a tax haven." (Goldman)

'Peace is Possible' - On a trip that was supposed to be without a headline, President Obama took a campaign-style message "to the Israeli people" and told them to go around their politicians to make the peace happen. "Let me say this as a politician, I can promise you this," Obama said. "Political leaders will never take risks if the people do not push them to take some risks. You must create the change that you want to see. Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things" "Israel's not going anywhere," he told a very friendly crowd at the Jerusalem Convention Center, noting the country is the most powerful in the region and has a good buddy in the United States. But he said they need to find a way to make peace. "The only way to truly protect the Israeli people over the long term is through the absence of war, because no wall is high enough and no Iron Dome is strong enough or perfect enough to stop every enemy," he said.

Read the whole story from Mary Bruce and Arlette Saenz -

Who Is Jonathan Pollard? Obama Heckled Over Spy for Israel-

Text: Obama Remarks to People of Israel -

Bounce - Realism Weighs on Obama Mideast Peace Efforts - (Chris Good)

Meantime - Postcards from Obama in the Holy Land - You're the leader of the free world and you're in the Holy Land for four days. Your car breaks down, but you can still have a good time -

Khameni Threatens to Annihilate Tel Aviv - While President Obama spoke to Israeli students in Jerusalem today, nearly 1,000 miles away Iran's supreme leader issued a fiery threat to the coastal cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa. "At times the officials of the Zionist regime (Israel) threaten to launch a military invasion," said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in a televised speech marking the Persian New Year, Nowruz. "But they themselves know that if they make the slightest mistake the Islamic Republic will annihilate Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground," he said. (Molly Hunter)

White House Weighs Shifting CIA Drones to Military - The Obama administration is weighing the possibility of shifting the CIA's controversial drone operations to the military, according to a U.S. official. (Luis Martinez)

Super PAC Wars: Former Romney Campaign Manager Forms Group To Combat Democrats - (Michael Falcone)

Congress Funds Government (Whew!) But Debt-Limit Battle Brews- After the House of Representatives passed a budget and a stopgap measure to fund the government through the end of the fiscal year today, Congress is now poised to turn its attention to a fresh battle over a looming debt-limit increase. House Speaker John Boehner said he plans to negotiate from a principle that any increase is matched dollar-for-dollar with spending reductions and reforms, although he downplayed the risks he is willing to take in negotiations. (John Parkinson)

Obama's Point Person on Immigration --> Cecilia Muñoz tells Fusion that Senate Gang of 8 has WH vote of confidence, despite missed deadline: Fusion's Jordan Fabian reports Senators hashing out the immigration bill had initially set a goal of introducing a bill by late March. But lawmakers will head home for a two-week-long Easter recess on Friday, meaning that the earliest they could put forth a bill is early April.

Pelosi and Boehner Frame DOMA Ahead of SCOTUS - Guess which one says it is unconstitutional - (Sastry)

Yoko Ono Tweets John Lennon's Bloody Glasses- Yoko Ono joined the U.S. gun debate when she tweeted a picture of the blood-stained glasses her husband, John Lennon, was wearing when he died. The blood-spattered glasses in the image included text that brought attention to the number of people who have died from gun violence since her husband's death. The tweets were sent Wednesday morning in commemoration of what would have been her and Lennon's 44th wedding anniversary. (Alisa Wiersema)

Rudolph Giuliani Becomes Pitchman For LifeLock - Rudy Giuliani, former crime-busting mayor of New York City, has taken a new job: TV pitchman. (Alan Farnham)

Tea Partiers Stand By Rand Paul Despite Immigration Conversion - Tea Partiers still love Rand Paul. His new immigration proposal-which includes backing a pathway to citizenship-doesn't seem to have changed their opinion of him. (Shushannah Walshe)

Foundation to Cover Sequester Cuts to Iraq, Afghanistan Scholarships - A Florida-based charity announced today that it will cover the funding cut from scholarships for children of military members who died fighting in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars because of sequestration. (Sarah Parnass)

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