Marriage Equality: Too Much, Too Soon?

This week, gay rights advocates will head to the Supreme Court to hear Theodore Olson, a lawyer opposing Prop 8, argue for marriage equality at the Supreme Court. Olson's argument is as broad as can be, asking the court to recognize a right to gay marriage.

But many gay rights advocates, who have worked behind the scenes for years, initially disagreed with Olson's strategy to take a challenge to a state ban (Prop 8, California) on gay marriage to the Supreme Court. They thought he was asking for too much too soon.

Last week Linda Greenhouse, who won a Pulitzer prize for her New York Times coverage of the Court, said Olson was right, that his lawsuit has in fact had the effect of "speeding and enhancing public understanding" and support for marriage equality. She says this is due in part to the fact that the lower court held a trial on the issue and gave people the time to think through the issues.

When asked about the early schism between gay rights advocates on a conference call last week, Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign said the disagreement "is really water under the bridge."

Read more about Olson's involvement with Prop 8 and gay rights here.

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