Michelle Obama Says Bangs Are a 'Little Irritating'

ABC News' Linsey Davis reports:

It seems the first lady's hair-"do" has suddenly become a hair-"don't."

"Bangs are a day-to-day proposition," Michelle Obama said on a recent visit to "Entertainment Tonight." "Now that they are starting to grow out, it is a little irritating."

Obama's admission comes a few weeks after her bangs made headlines, nearly upstaging inauguration weekend.

"To address the most significant event of the weekend, I love her bangs," President Obama said lovingly of his wife's fresh look.

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They even have their own Twitter account called @MichellesBangs.

"This is my midlife crisis. The bangs," Obama joked on an episode of the "Rachael Ray Show."

The first lady even tried downplaying her fringe on her most recent visit to "Good Morning America," when Robin Roberts attempted to address her hot new hairstyle.

"Bangs? What bangs?" Obama asked.

But the first sign all was not going smoothly on the hair front came this weekend, when her daughter Malia was caught on camera trying to fix her mother's hair. The bangs were presenting a pesky problem that isn't just limited to the first family.

Dana Tazzio, a hairdresser who got bangs cut into her own hair six weeks ago, is already a few weeks into her bang regret.

"I was happy for the first week and then, realizing that I have to do them every day, I think people don't realize the maintenance," Tazzio told ABC News' Linsey Davis.

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Celebrity hairdresser Ted Gibson warns that bangs are a commitment, but can create a spectacular look.

"Bangs are super, super, super hot," Gibson said. "When you have a more narrow face, when you have bangs that are a little wider, it makes you look a little sexier. Gives a little flirtation and also brings emphasis to the eyes."

That might be what keeps women like Kerry Washington, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift going back for more bang for their buck. They have been spotted sporting new bang hairstyles.

And if you aren't quite ready for the full-blown bang commitment, you can buy faux-bangs that clip in for as little $30. That was the rationale behind the Butterfly Bang Bar.

"We wanted to take the fear away from cutting bangs, so we basically said, 'Let's do something where someone could come in, experience the bangs, different styles, and they would feel a lot more comfortable,'" Kattia Solano, a hairstylist at Butterfly Studio in New York, told Davis.

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ABC News' Davis was inspired by her visit to the salon and decided to give the faux-bang a try.

"They did a bang up job, wouldn't you say?" Davis asked our "Good Morning America" anchors today.

The clip-on bangs come in all different colors and you can get them either straight across or fringed. And if you get bored with bangs, just take them off and put them in your purse with no bang regret.

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