Strategist James Carville 'Ready for Hillary'
PHOTO: James Carville and Hillary Clinton

James Carville and Hillary Clinton pose for a picture. Joe Marquette/AP Photo

The 2016 presidential race is still a few years away, but James Carville believes sooner is better than later.

In an email blast from the Ready for Hillary super PAC Thursday morning, the Democratic strategist issued a rallying cry for a Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run and urged members to take an "I'm Ready for Hillary Pledge."

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"Hillary had to give up all of her political organizing activities when she became secretary of state. That means it's up to us to build this thing from the ground up," Carville said in the email. "We owe it to Hillary to start putting the building blocks of her campaign together now. The modern political campaign demands it."

In an interview with the Washington Post Thursday, Carville said that although he supported a possible Hillary run in 2016, he is not officially affiliated with the super PAC.

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"I've been pretty clear that I'd like to see her run," he said. "But I'm not a member of the organization or anything like that."

The email was sent out on the same day it was announced that Clinton had inked a book deal about her experiences as secretary of state, tentatively set to be published in June 2014.

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Carville, a long-time supporter of the Clinton family, managed Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.

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