Bill Clinton (Sort of) Joins Twitter
PHOTO: Former President Bill Clinton and Comedy Centrals Stephen Colbert, right, speak during the Clinton Global Initiative at Washington University, April 6, 2013, in St. Louis.

Stephen Colbert is doing his part to influence our national leaders to join the modern day platform of open communication with millions worldwide that is Twitter, or maybe he's just looking for a laugh.

In a recent sit down with former President Bill Clinton, Colbert unveiled the Twitter account that he said he created for the 43rd president - @PrezBillyJeff. The segment, which aired on "The Colbert Report" Monday, was shot on location during the Clinton Global Initiative University Meeting at Washington University in St. Louis.

Don't forget to follow @ prezbillyjeff. I believe that as ex-president, everything he tweets carries the weight of law.

- Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) April 9, 2013

"I understand that you don't use all of the Internet. … You don't email, you don't Facebook, you're not Pinteresting or Tumbling," Colbert poked at Clinton.

"Oh, no. I do Facebook," Clinton replied.

But when Colbert asked the former president if he "tweets," Clinton said he thinks he may be too insecure.

"What if you tweet and nobody tweets back?" Clinton asked, garnering laughs from the crowd. "There's nothing worse than a friendless tweeter, right? You're just wandering around in cyberspace."

Clinton admitted that his absence from Twitter may be a generational disconnect. "You have to understand, when I became president, there was no email. Email was largely interoffice," Clinton explained.

But, whether he wanted it or not, the president associated with the economic heyday of the dotcom boom was presented with his very own Twitter account. Colbert said he had to settle for the @PrezBillyJeff Twitter handle because @presidentclinton and @williamjeffersonclinton were both taken.

Though The Washington Post has reported other tweets that now appear to have been removed, here is the first and only post from the account dictated from Clinton and tweeted by Colbert during the interview:

Just spent amazing time with Colbert! Is he sane? He is cool! #cgiu

- Billy Jeff Clinton (@PrezBillyJeff) April 6, 2013

On the subject of whether or not the Twitter account was actually transferred to Clinton or if he will actually make use of it, ABC News reached out to "The Colbert Report" and the Clinton Global Initiative. Neither immediately responded.

The @PrezBillyJeff account presently has over 66,000 followers.

Image credit: Jeff Roberson/AP Photo

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