'Bomb' Sandwich Lands Flier in Trouble
PHOTO: Passengers walk though John F. Kennedy International Airport, October 22, 2010 in the Queens borough of New York City.

Everyone knows that carrying a bomb through an airport is no laughing matter. But even casually referring to lunch as "The Bomb" was apparently a problem for an unsuspecting flier who wanted to take his fortuitously named sandwich aboard a flight at JFK International Airport.

"The Bomb" is actually the name of a popular and, apparently, delicious sandwich from an Astoria, N.Y., deli, according to New York website

Whether his was the exact sandwich, Jason Michael Cruz, 29, was simply hoping to carry his lunch, which he reportedly called "The Bomb," with him on his flight last week to Los Angeles, the website reported.

The TSA detained Cruz and a friend after one agent overheard the two speaking of plans to bring "The Bomb" aboard their plane. The misunderstanding caused the two to miss their flight, according to

The agency has not responded to a request for comment.

This latest TSA incident can be added to the recent list of not-so-great press for the agency.

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Rep. Duncan Hunter of California last month penned a letter to the TSA, giving the account of a security screening in which "numerous TSA officers [were] sitting and unwilling to assist" a paraplegic Marine.

Hunter said the unnamed Marine was "humiliated" when agents at the Arizona airport asked him to stand up out of his wheelchair, exposing his prosthetic legs.

Hunter also wrote that "an officer then made [the Marine] remove his [prosthetic] legs," a claim that has been disputed by a TSA representative.

The TSA's recent amendment to allow pocket knives aboard planes has also puzzled many. The new policy will begin April 25, and will allow passengers on U.S. flights to carry small pocket knives containing blades less than about 2.3 inches long.

The new regulations will also permit passengers up to two golf clubs, ski poles, and sporting sticks used for hockey, lacrosse and billiards.

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