Georgia Mom Gets Jaw-Dropping Makeover on 'GMA LIVE!'

Completing a full-blown makeover in only one hour is quite the feat.

But today on 'GMA LIVE!,' the Moxie twins, Jamie and Jennifer Dunn, owners of Moxie Salon in Ridgewood, N.J., actually completed four different miraculous makeovers on women they hand-plucked from the audience.

One of the women in particular, Karen Knight, a mom from Thomaston, Ga., delivered quite the shock to her husband and little girl who were patiently awaiting her new and improved reveal in our studio.

"Wow," Knight said after seeing her transformed self for the first time.

Even more surprised was her husband, who could barely muster words through his hands covering his mouth in awe.

"Oh my god," he said. "It's outrageous. She's beautiful."

Without missing a beat, Knight's little girl and husband quickly ran over to give her a huge hug, reassuring her how beautiful she looked.

The Moxie twins said Knight's makeover was actually quite easy, as she already had "killer eyes, nice lips and nice hair."

The twins also completed a makeover on Angela Hamilton, a young lady who had never pampered herself with beauty treatments before and was not used to the beautification process.

"She was about to have a heart attack in the green room, but she looks like a celebrity," the twins said.

Once Hamilton saw herself fully made-over for the first time, she actually started crying.

"It was painful, but oh my gosh, I love it," Hamilton explained.

"We really had our work cut out for us because she's never had anything done," said the twins. "We did eyebrows, makeup, eyelashes. In an hour we did color, highlights, we changed her color tone, so now she's an A-List celebrity."

But the twins weren't done yet.

Katie Ranno, from Herkimer, N.Y., was impressed with her overall new look, particularly enjoying the light, spring-like colors the twins outfitted her in.

"Wow. I love it," Ranno said. "I never pictured it. It looks great."

"She already naturally had the features. High cheek bones, small nose, but she didn't know it," the twins explained. "No one's ever told her how good she looks. We did extensions and went with the mint because the coral and mint are so in for spring. She looks fantastic. She's glowing."

Last but not least was Lori Hoskinson, whose makeover was shockingly completed in just 15 minutes.

"I love it. I do," Hoskinson said.

The twins put eyelashes on her because they are "so in this spring."

They also used a plum-colored lip gloss, some blush, and worked off her natural eye tone. They added bangs and extensions for additional hairstyle options.

When asked if the Moxie twins were worried about being able to complete all four ambush makeovers in such a short amount of time, their answer was simple.

"We're twins," they said. "We knew we'd have each other, so it's double time. We started getting nervous towards the end, and you can't believe what we did in one hour."

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