Inside Look Through Google Glass
PHOTO: ABC News Tech Editor Joanna Stern wears Google Glass.

Credit: Justin Bare

After months of teaser videos and revealing details, yesterday I finally got to look through the other side of Google Glass. Yes, I finally got my $1,500 Google Glass Explorer edition.

Glass is, of course, those Google glasses, which overlay digital information in the real world. You can take photos, search Google, get directions all by putting on the glasses and starring into a tiny screen.

So what does the future look like? It looks like this - a lot of people taking photos of you. In the last 24 hours, I've had tons of people give me deep stares and snap photos of me wearing the digital spectacles.

Yes, the future is looking into not one but two pieces of glass. The pictures below were taken by me with my Google Glass with just a touch to the frame.

Don't worry, we will have some more serious impressions of what looking through Glass is like soon!

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