Dow Hits 15,000 for First Time

By ABC News' Sandy Cannold and Zunaira Zaki:

A fabulous Friday on Wall Street as the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed 15,000 for the first time and the S&P 500 soared through the elusive 1600-point level. So on this day of milestones we wanted to take a look inside the numbers at some of the staggering stats of this soaring market.

Since the stock market bottomed during the great recession in March of 2009 the Dow is up 129 percent and the S&P since then up 139 percent.

Some of the street's biggest winners during this surge are household names. On the Dow the top three performers are American Express, up 550 percent, Disney (the parent company of ABC) up nearly 310 percent, and Home Depot gaining just north of 300 percent as well.

Over on the S&P a pharmaceutical company in the biotech space is leading the charge: Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is up 1900 percent since the market bottom. Other big gainers include Wyndham Worldwide, the hotel & leisure company, up 1880 percent, Priceline soaring 800 percent and L Brands, the company formerly known as Limited Brands which owns Victoria's Secret, posting a gain of nearly 700 percent.

But if all those numbers are too much for you to digest here's a simple way to look at this bounce from the bottom. If you put $10,000 to work on March 9, 2009 today it would be worth close to $24,000.

But for all the excitement about Wall Street's record breaking run, it sadly appears that a big percentage of main street has been on the sidelines during this surge. According to Gallup, only 52 percent of Americans say they now personally have money invested in the stock market - either in an individual stock, a stock mutual fund or 401(k). In April of 2007 that number stood at 65 percent.

Milestone/Date Of First Close Over That Mark:

1,000 November 14, 1972

2,000 January 8, 1987

3,000 April 17, 1991

4,000 February 23, 1995

5,000 November 21, 1995

6,000 October 14, 1996

7,000 February 13, 1997

8,000 July 16, 1997

9,000 April 6, 1998

10,000 March 29, 1999

11,000 May 3, 1999

12,000 October 19, 2006

13,000 April 25, 2007

14,000 July 19, 2007

15,000 (The Dow closed at 14,973 Friday though it crossed 15,000 intraday.)

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