Fashion that Roared: 1920s Evening Wear
PHOTO: Actress Louise Brooks wearing her hair in a trademark bob, 1926.

Fashion in the 1920's saw a great shift from decades prior, reflecting a myriad of attitudes based on economic prosperity, the more-empowered role of women, the end of World War I, the evolution of jazz music and bootlegging. "The Great Gatsby," set in Long Island, N.Y., in the 1920's, has this iconic moment in fashion as its backdrop.

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Layers of sequins and metallic details adorned dresses which were designed with pleats and fringed skirts to allow for greater range of motion. This allowed wearers to perform the popular dance moves like the Charleston, practiced at night in venues from speakeasies to mansions.

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As the decade advanced, so did women's hemlines.

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Women cut their hair shorter in bob cuts and curled it with irons, tucked into their cloche hats or adorned with art deco jewelry and hairpieces. Accent pieces such as anklets were popular as well.

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Makeup could be applied more dramatically, specifically dark eyeliner and blush.

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Dresses were cut to mask the female form not enhance it, with drop waists and no corset.

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Sasha/Getty Images

A spirit of opulence and frivolity was well reflected in the clothing worn at this time.

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