Prince Harry Making His Rounds Across America

Prince Harry spent the fourth day of his American tour looking more like a politician than a prince, helping host the Wounded Warrior games in Colorado, posing for pictures, tossing a football and even cooing over a baby, which is perfect practice for the soon-to-be-uncle.

The last time his royal highness was in the United States, his antics made headlines while he made a splash in a Las Vegas pool. But this weekend, the closest he got to the water was teasing five-time Olympic medalist swimmer Missy Franklin, in light of her 18 th birthday on May 10.

"I had no idea about the birthday cake or singing or anything," Franklin told ABC News. "I asked him if he would help me eat it, but he said no, so I have to do it all by myself."

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The royal spent much of his time here not just honoring veterans, but talking with them one-on-one.

"I've witnessed first-hand the bravery of our troops, not only confronting dangers on the battlefield, but also its tragic consequences," Harry said at brunch in Colorado Springs for wounded servicemen and women at the United States Olympic Training Center.

And while he made light of his sometimes combative relationship with the press, he realizes this time having the cameras around will not only help his cause, but his image as well.

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"It is not always great having them around, but today it is fantastic to get the message across to every other country," he said at the beginning of the hand-cycle event at the Warrior Games on Sunday.

The prince will be heading to New York City and New Jersey next, touring some of Superstorm Sandy's hardest hit towns to see the damage for himself. But he won't be arriving in the royal motorcade, rather, he'll be riding on an iconic double-decker bus.

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